‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: When Will ‘BB19’ Reveal The Cast? New Promo Hint A ‘Second Chances’ Season Is A Go

Big Brother 19 premiere is 29 days away, and the fans are getting antsy when the showrunners will announce the new cast. In seasons past, the series rolled out the new cast the first week of June. However, it looks like the fans won’t get a preview of the cast this week.

CBS released a new promo that seemed to hint that BB19 will be about second chances, which was the theme of Survivor Game Changers. Many of the houseguests that were rumored to return are showcased in the new teaser.

When Will CBS Reveal The Cast?

Each year, Big Brother fans stalk CBS All Access waiting for the cast to be unveiled. It seems to happen each year during the first week of June. However, this year, BB19 hasn’t announced when the big casting scoop will come out.

After doing some math, since the series will air almost one week later, we can expect to see the Big Brother 19 cast by June 10. It won’t be long, but when you are anxious and ready to see the cast, a few days can feel like years!

A Second Chances Theme A Go?

Big Brother 19 spoilers have hinted that a returning cast is in the cards this year. It wouldn’t be an all-stars season, because of the people listed, it would hardly qualify as an all-star lineup.

The list was leaked on Twitter and included Howard Overby, Zach Rance, Devon Shepherd, Corey Brooks, Nick Uhas, Keith Henderson, Glenn Garcia, Lane Elenburg, Russell Kairouz, Victor Arroyo, Audrey Middleton, Ashley Locco, Ginamarie Zimmerman, Brittany Martinez, Jodi Rollins, Porshe Briggs, Michelle Meyer, Vanessa Rousso, Amanda Zuckerman, and Liz Nolan.

There are a few people listed that couldn’t possibly appear on the show this summer. For example, Amanda Zimmerman is getting married over the summer so it’s unlikely she would appear on Big Brother.

CBS has not issued a comment about the names on the list.

Fans Want A New Cast

If the cast list is right, it will not sit well with the Big Brother 19 fans. They have expressed over and over the past few months that they really want to see an all-new cast without ANY returning players.

The reason is simple; Big Brother 19 fans don’t trust Robyn Kass to bring back the right houseguests. In seasons past, Big Brother hasn’t had the best luck bringing back exciting returning players. The truth is, many fans think that BB19 should take a page from BBCAN5.

Big Brother Canada 5 brought back exciting returning players and didn’t have very many twists. It forced the players to play and not rely on game twists to work in their favor.

Promises Of A Great Season

Each year on Big Brother, CBS promises a great season ahead. They promise shocking twists and a great cast. The past three seasons have not been great. They haven’t reeled in the fans like previous years.

Big Brother 19 fans want to see an all new cast with less production led twist. The twists only serve to manipulate the game. In addition to that, the fans do not want for CBS to give them control of the game like in Big Brother: Over The Top.

Julie Chen posted a picture on Twitter of herself wearing a POV necklace. The image caught the eye of the fans, and they wondered if Big Brother 19 will live up to Chen’s standards.

Big Brother 19 fans, do you think the list posted on Twitter is the real cast of the summer installment? Would you like to see all new or returning players?

Big Brother 19 returns to CBS June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode. The series will air three nights a week, all summer long.

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