Harambe Meme Made Dead Gorilla Sad? Psychic’s Message From Heaven On Harambe’s Death Date Anniversary-Birthday

The Harambe memes just won’t die. On the anniversary of Harambe’s death date, people from all over the world remembered the shooting death of the gorilla from Cincinnati Zoo by making a ton of Harambe meme posts. Harambe’s birthday on May 27 also caused many on Reddit to rise to the occasion. Many of them were focused on the infamous “D**ks Out For Harambe” theme, but according to one animal psychic, the gorilla is speaking from heaven and “is irate and is saddened that they would take his tragedy and turn it into a joke.”

No, we’re not joking, either. The latest trend among psychics is the “telepathic animal communicator,” people who claim to be able to communicate with animals, both living and dead. The basic idea is that these psychics claim to listen to “electromagnetic energy,” which is then translated into “thought forms” using a non-verbal universal language that crosses the species boundary. When Harambe’s death first occurred, one animal communicator named Karen Anderson claimed she had to “explain what happened to him several times” since the gorilla was supposedly very confused about how and why he died.

Pea Horsley is an animal communicator who owns AnimalThoughts.com and claims to have been in contact with the famous gorilla ever since Harambe’s death in 2016. According to the New Stateman, Horsley received this message directly from the dead Harambe just as everyone is remembering Harambe’s anniversary.

“My message to those who know my name.

I am just like you.

If you had been in a cage.

And a baby gorilla fell in.

And a lot of adult gorillas were screaming, shouting, fearful and anxious above…

What would you do? What?

Imagine yourself there.

Just for a minute.”

To jog everyone’s memories, Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed by officials at the Cincinnati Zoo after the 400-pound animal grabbed a 3-year-old boy who had fallen into the zoo’s Gorilla World enclosure after climbing a barrier and falling into a moat. The situation was considered life-threatening since the 17-year-old silverback gorilla was dragging the small child through the water.

You can check out the original Harambe video now if that helps.

Harambe’s death was considered controversial since some people thought the gorilla might be protecting the child. Some critics thought the Cincinnati Zoo should have used a tranquilizer instead of a long rifle to take down the gorilla, but officials said the risk was too great and, even Jane Goodall agreed that the zoo had no choice.


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The animal psychic claims the gorilla was not angry over being shot but instead was “more disappointed.” Harambe allegedly is more upset about humanity’s disrespect for “all species.”

[Image by John Sommers II/Getty Images]

“The planet cries,” Harambe said, according to Horsley. “I feel immense, deep sadness when I observe the world I left behind. I wish life was different. Honorable. Kind. Compassionate. Gentle. When will humans start to love again? Love each other? Love themselves? I wish to see this. Here, I am peaceful now. I wish to bring in more peace with my message. I love you.”

The “D**ks Out For Harambe” meme is not exactly a highlight of the gorilla’s post-existence. Harambe supposedly does not consider himself “special” or a “celebrity,” and he says that “Harambe does not like the publicity and he has no way to be in peace.” Needless to say, that’s probably disappointing news for the Harambe meme purveyors on Reddit, but maybe if they stop, we’ll all find a more peaceful world together. Maybe.

[Image by Petr David Josek/AP Images]

[Featured Image by John Sommers II/Getty Images]

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