Will You Recognize Robert Pattinson In His New Role?

Nothing can be more annoying than hundreds of obsessed fans stalling a movie shoot just because they rush the set to take selfies with the main star. But Robert Pattinson and the Good Time team had none of that.

Robert Pattinson, who has had Cannes film critics swooning over his latest performance in Good Time, says he looks completely unrecognizable in his new role. In fact, so unrecognizable that literally no one recognized the former Twilight star while shooting in 8.5 million-populated New York City. Not even a single cell phone picture was taken!

Robert Pattinson may have been a heartthrob and one of the most popular actors thanks to the Twilight saga a few years ago, but people don't recognize the 31-year-old actor nowadays.

Not because his popularity has dwindled to nothing, but because Robert Pattinson has gone through quite a dramatic transformation in his looks for the new role of an aimless bank robber in Good Time, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last Thursday.

Speaking to Variety ahead of the premiere, Robert Pattinson revealed that moviegoers will not be able to recognize him in Good Time.

But looking scummy, growing a goatee and walking with a hunched posture – which is a far cry from the actor's signature Edward Cullen role – is everything Robert Pattinson ever wanted to do in his career, as he says he always wanted to "look like I've been street cast."

And Robert Pattinson has totally nailed it! In Good Time, which focuses on two brothers Constantine (Pattinson) and Nick (co-director Ben Safdie) whose bank robbery takes quite an unexpected and unfortunate turn, Pattinson ditched his handsome Twilight-boy charm to look like a reckless criminal.

Robert Pattinson reveals that for his role in Good Time, he had to hit the makeup chair, but it wasn't about putting tons of hair wax to style his hair or putting eyeliner to make his eyes more vampire-like in Twilight.

This time, it was all about making a brutal man out of Robert Pattinson. And Pattinson, who says they even put pock marks in his skin and got him temporary tattoos, apparently looked nothing like the Pattinson we knew before, as the actor says not a single cell phone picture was taken during the shoot in NYC.
Although Robert Pattinson lost the Cannes Best Actor nomination to Joaquin Phoenix this year, his performance in Good Time has nonetheless received more praise than all of his previous roles combined.
Robert Pattinson, who looks nothing like Edward Cullen in his new role in Good Time, says his character is "a conduit for a lot of different people's energies," adding that he wasn't sure how much of it was really him "other than being really manic."

For those wondering how manic Robert Pattinson is in Good Time, the answer is: pretty manic. Pattinson plays the impulsive bank robber who is seen beating people up and wooing teenagers into bed.

With critics praising Robert Pattinson for his mesmerizing role in Good Time, his Cannes success could really become the new peak of Pattinson. Like his Twilight co-star and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Pattinson had been seen mostly in low-budget films since Twilight ended in 2012.

But with Good Time, Robert Pattinson is clearly seen stretching his acting abilities and showing moviegoers that there's actually decent acting talent hiding underneath that handsome, stony vampire mask.

Good Time isn't the first project of Robert Pattinson that offered critics to take a look at the brand new side of Pattinson, as his other unrecognizable role in The Lost City of Z with Charlie Hunnam had people buzzing as well.

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