Matt Hardy And Bray Wyatt Tease Broken Feud On Twitter

When Matt Hardy returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 with his brother Jeff Hardy and won the WWE World Tag Team Championship, fans of the Hardy Boyz started to ask when and if Broken Matt Hardy would show up as well. Well, the legal battles between Matt and Impact Wrestling are making that impossible right now but that isn't stopping Hardy from teasing the Broken Matt gimmick.

On Monday Night Raw this week, Matt Hardy battles Cesaro in a teaser to the WWE World Tag Team Championship match coming up at Extreme Rules between the Hardy Boyz and Cesaro and Sheamus in a steel cage match.

Matt Hardy And Bray Wyatt Tease Broken Feud On Twitter
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Bray Wyatt took to Twitter and tagged both Cesaro and Matt Hardy and said he calls the winner of the match - at least after he beats Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire in July. Matt Hardy then responded to that with a gif of Broken Matt Hardy laughing manically.

When the rumors started circulating that Matt Hardy was considering returning to the WWE, most fans assumed he would be able to bring the Broken Matt gimmick with him. When Matt was at the height of the gimmick in Impact Wrestling, he often talked about challenging the Wyatt Family to a match.

As a matter of fact, when The Wyatt Family fought New Day at the Wyatt Family compound, it was clearly paying homage to Final Deletion, the match where Matt and Jeff Hardy battled at Matt's home in North Carolina. Both matches used movie styled cuts and horror-themed special effects.

Just recently, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton fought in a House of Horrors match at an old, creepy house. Once again, it seemed that the WWE was paying lip service to what worked so well for Broken Matt Hardy in Impact Wrestling. The problem was that the WWE took the entire match seriously with a horror vibe whereas everything the Hardy's did was done in the name of pure fun.

With Matt Hardy back in the WWE, the thought of Broken Matt and Bray Wyatt working an angle together has seemed perfect. With Matt responding to the challenge with a Broken Matt gif, it seems that he is not willing to give up on his gimmick as easily as Impact Wrestling hoped.

Matt Hardy And Bray Wyatt Tease Broken Feud On Twitter
[Image by WWE]

Things got a little out of hand last week between Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling. After Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky continued to make comments on social media about Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports, Impact President Ed Nordholm sent a photocopy of part of the Matt Hardy contract to wrestling dirt sheets.

This caused former Impact Wrestling announcer Taz and former Impact Wrestling booker Eric Bischoff to speak out against the company, saying that they are breaking confidentiality with former talent which will come back to bite them down the line. It also caused Matt Hardy to say that he won't stop fighting now.

The WWE is staying out of the legal battles for now. They have made it clear that they will not buy a gimmick from another wrestling company. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy still claims that the gimmick is his to use and has even started to talk about problems with Impact Wrestling's claims.

For one thing, Matt Hardy posted a photo of Senor Benjamin holding the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Shortly after that, Reby Sky posted something that made it sound like they received some notification from Impact Wrestling.

The fact is that Senor Benjamin was portrayed by the father of Reby Sky and he never signed a contract with Impact Wrestling, was never paid by the company, and they hold no claims over him. There is also the fact that Matt Hardy paid for most of the special matches out of his pockets.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy are teasing a match. Whether this is Broken Matt vs. Bray Wyatt or not is another thing entirely.

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