Bella Thorne Regrets Not Taking Kylie Jenner’s Advice, As Scott Disick ‘KUWTK’ Romance Ends Nasty

Bella Thorne regrets not listening to Kylie Jenner when the socialite told her to stay away from Scott Disick, it has been alleged.

According to reports, right after Jenner had heard about Bella Thorne’s romance with the father-of-three, she was concerned — not only because Bella is a close friend of hers, but also because if anyone knows Scott, it would be the Kardashian family.

Kylie wasted no time in letting Bella Thorne know that getting with the TV star was a bad decision, stressing that Disick has often proven himself to be someone that can’t be trusted, which tends to be the main reason why his romance with Kourtney Kardashian ended up falling apart.

Bella Thorne was also told that the 34-year-old was not going to remain faithful to her because he’s a self-proclaimed sex addict, as revealed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and if she thinks that she can change that, Bella would evidently be mistaking.

Despite Kylie’s warnings, Thorne ended up flying out to Cannes with her short-lived boyfriend, but only if her sister, Dani, was allowed to accompany them. Scott didn’t hesitate on the idea and offered Bella Thorne’s sister a flight out to Cannes along with some of his closest friends.

It wasn’t until Bella arrived in France that she realized she had made the biggest mistake of her life, TMZ reveals, because not even a day after getting to Cannes, Scott was already being flirtatious with other women.

Multiple reports claim that he’s been hooking up with several women, and though Bella Thorne never confirmed her romance with the party socialite, it was believed that her supposed relationship with Disick was definitely entering the dating phase.

Of course, that ended up coming to an abrupt stop once Bella found out that Scott was getting busy with other women while she was spending time with her sister. The actress took to Twitter, letting her fans know that she was having the worst time out in Cannes, before deciding to book a flight back to Los Angeles.

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Now that she’s home and has distanced herself from her boyfriend of no more than two weeks, Bella Thorne regrets that she never listened to Kylie when she was first told to stay away from Disick — she’s had to learn the hard way, but she’s proud of the fact that she got out of the relationship as quick as she did.

“She’s kicking herself now for getting sucked in by Scott,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

“So many people warned her, even Kylie [Jenner] but she didn’t listen. She regrets not taking their advice, he’s just as awful as everyone said.”

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“Kylie has a lot of love for Scott, but she still wants to protect her friend from him and his player ways. While things between the new couple may be casual right now, Kylie shot Bella a few texts warning her about Scott and his dating habits. The last thing Kylie wants is for Scott to break the heart of one of her friends.”

Kylie reportedly knew that the romance between Scott and Bella Thorne was going to collapse within a matter of weeks, saying that if Kourtney couldn’t control her ex-boyfriend with the three children she shares with him, there’s no way that a 19-year-old could do it either.

Sources say that Bella Thorne is absolutely embarrassed by the whole idea of going out to Cannes to enjoy herself, only to find herself allegedly being cheated on and then having to book a flight back to Los Angeles because the romance with the man she was said to have been dating has done her wrong.

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