‘The Walking Dead’ Star, Steven Yeun, Will Soon Be Seen In New Movie, ‘Mayhem’

If you are missing your fix of Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead, you’ll be happy to hear that his new movie, Mayhem is on its way to theatres. Steven Yeun played Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead and when his character was demolished by Negan’s bat, Lucille, fans were devastated. Glenn was one of the original cast that had been on The Walking Dead since the very beginning and Steven Yeun’s character was definitely well loved.

Steven Yeun signed up to star on Mayem back in March of 2016, so any fan of his would know that it was coming at some point. However, Mayhem had its premier at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Mayem is a movie about an airborne virus. It has its start in a corporate tower where Steven Yeun’s character is an attorney. The virus begins on the same day that Yeun’s character, Derek Saunders, is fired wrongfully from his job. The virus has the effect of making people act out on impulses in an erratic manner and a kind of rage takes over everyone. Yeun’s character is trapped in the building, which has been quarantined. The character Steven plays is not only fighting for his job, but also for his life.

Steven Yeun will soon be seen in the new movie 'Mayhem' [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Other actors you may recognize in the movie Mayhem include Dallas Roberts, who was in Dallas Buyers Club and Steven Brand, who you may recognized from The Scorpion King. The movie is directed by Joe Lynch who previously directed Everyly and 12 Deadly Days.

NBC News reported that Joe Leydon of Variety called it a “Die Hard redux and zombie apocalypse” mashup. He said it was a “gonzo thriller” featuring a “violent infectious disease” combined with “corporate Malfeasance” that was both “sardonically funny” and filled with attitude.

Entertainment Weekly said that Joe Lynch made a statement saying that the movie is very personal and really engaged audiences. Lynch believes that Mayhem “will find it’s audience in the best way possible.”

Lynch also told the Hollywood Reporter that Mayhem included “action, sci-fi, horror, drama, and even satire,” and that it had a “gung-ho cast and crew – especially Steven and Samara.” He anticipated that it would have a hell of a kick.

In April of 2017, Steven Yeun was at the Calgary Expo where he talked about what it was like to leave The Walking Dead. He compared it to being on a “death tour,” says the Toronto Sun. When he was asked what character on The Walking Dead deserved to be haunted by Glenn Rhee’s ghost Steven said it would be Eugene because he’s acting like a traitor.

At the Calgary Expo, a little boy asked why Glenn Rhee had to die and Steven Yeun handled it quiet well, saying that it just happened and sometimes things aren’t fair but they balance out somehow.

Fans who miss seeing Steven Yeun in 'The Walking Dead' will be glad to see him in the movie 'Mayhem' [Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]

Steven Yeun said that if that death had to happen he was glad it was his character because it was one badass death. If it had gone to someone else, he would have felt that his journey on The Walking Dead was incomplete. It didn’t make saying goodbye to his fellow cast any easier though and it would be strange when they went back to filming and he wasn’t there.

Mayhem will be released in theaters by RLJ Entertainment towards the end of 2017. It will appear on the new streaming channel, Shudder, in early 2018.

Will you be watching the new movie Mayhem that stars Steven Yeun when it comes out in theaters later in the year? Or will you wait until it comes out on Shudder? Let us know what you think about seeing Steven Yeun in his new role in the movie Mayhem in the comments below.

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