Jinger Duggar Wears Pants Again After Rocking LuLaRoe, Sparks Debate About Duggar Dress Code

Jinger Duggar has started wearing a different style of pants, and fans can’t decide whether or not they’re in violation of her family’s strict dress code.

Jinger Duggar recently joined Instagram, but she’s not using the social media platform to show off the stylish outfits she puts together now that she isn’t getting her clothing from a communal closet. That task has been taken on by her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and the amateur fashion photographer’s images of Jinger Duggar’s ensembles are seriously impressing his Instagram followers. On Saturday, Jeremy shared an artistic photo of Jinger standing beside a giant chess board and contemplating her next move.

“The scheming pose,” Jeremy captioned the picture.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jinger Duggar is an avid fan of photography, and some of Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram followers were delighted to discover that he shares his wife’s love of being behind the camera.

“You are wonderful at photography. Must of picked up those skills from jinger,” one fan wrote.

“You could both seriously start a professional photography company. You are both so talented,” another commented.

Other fans were too distracted by what Jeremy Vuolo’s wife is wearing in the picture to notice his photo editing skills. As you can see, she is rocking pants yet again.


“So proud of jinger for wearing whatever she wants. Pants life is the best life,” read one comment.

“Jinger is so pretty in pants! She should work with fashion or something, shes so stylish,” another fan wrote.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, Jinger Duggar grew up in a household where girls were forbidden from wearing pants. The Counting On star and her sisters have often talked about their family’s dress code and their “modern modest” style, which consists of long dresses and skirts that don’t hug the body. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar taught their daughters that wearing pants is sinful because the Bible verse Deuteronomy 22:5 says that God “detests” women who “wear men’s clothing.” The Duggars consider pants men’s clothing, which is why so many of the family’s fans were surprised when Jinger started wearing them after marrying Jeremy Vuolo.

However, some of Jeremy’s Instagram followers are arguing that there’s no reason for everyone to be freaking out over the latest picture of Jinger Duggar wearing pants. This is because she has decided to pair her plaid shirt dress with leggings, not a pair of jeans or trousers.

“Leggings aren’t pants LOL!” one fan wrote.

“For one @jeremy_vuolo I love this pic! And two, she’s not wearing pants, she’s wearing leggings under her dress,” another commented. “And even if she was, that’s her choice! She doesn’t need people badmouthing her about it, or being glad that she’s ‘breaking away’ as some of you call it.”

Jinger Duggar’s shirt dress and leggings combo doesn’t technically violate her family’s dress code. According to a TLC blog post by Michelle Duggar, she doesn’t have an issue with leggings as long as they’re worn underneath skirts and dresses. In fact, she makes the younger Duggar girls who don’t understand the concept of “modesty” wear leggings so they can still be “ladylike” while they “catch tadpoles and climb trees.”

Jinger Duggar can be seen wearing leggings in another recent photo shared by Jeremy Vuolo. However, fans are freaking out about that image for a different reason. As Yahoo! Style reports, they’ve noticed that she is wearing a LuLaRoe “Amelia” dress.


“LuLaRoe? You look soooo cute!!” wrote one of Jeremy’s Instagram followers.

“That looks like a Lularoe Amelia dress :) gorgeous!” commented another.

However, it doesn’t look like Jinger Duggar is pursuing a career as a LuLaRoe consultant. She is pictured holding the LuLaRoe dress up in front of her in a Facebook photo that was taken at her bridal shower, so it appears that it was a gift. At least it looks great with leggings.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]