After Bella Thorne, Scott Disick’s Brief Romance Fails, Actress Declares Love For Married Actor On Twitter

As Bella Thorne and Scott Disick’s brief romantic fling in Cannes continues to fascinate the web, Bella Thorne is trying her best to guide public attention away from the situation. Scott Disick moved on from Bella in record time and the situation hasn’t painted either of them in the best light.

Just like any social savvy celeb, Bella Thorne knows that the fastest way to stop people from talking about your relationship with one person is to move on to someone else. The Famous In Love star took to Twitter on Saturday and declared that she wanted to marry an actor, Charlie Day, because she “loved” him.

“Can I just marry Charlie day,” Bella wrote, via Twitter. “I just fu— ing love that weirdo”

Most people have celebrity crushes, but some social commenters weren’t impressed by the fact that Bella Thorne declared her love for Charlie, who is happily married with kids.

It’s unclear if Bella Thorne is aware that Charlie Day is already married or not. Either way, it’s very likely that Bella was just having a little fun at her own expense, to detract attention away from her brief fling with Scott Disick.

Scott And Bella’s Fling In Cannes

Earlier this week, the 19-year-old actress was spotted cozying up to Scoot Disick, who is 15 years her senior, in Cannes, France. Of course, the world took notice. Scott Disick and the ex-girlfriend and mother of his three kids, Kourtney Kardashian, seem to be in the middle of a nasty back-and-forth over who can get over the other the fastest, so people were already skeptical over the legitimacy of Scott’s latest fling.

Couldn’t be happier to be back home with my other half ✨ #la #tongues #out

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Scott’s Revolving Door Of Women

Just over the last week, Scott Disick has entertained a revolving door of women. Shortly after Scott Disick was spotted cozying up to Bella Thorne in Cannes, he was also spotted with Ella Rose, Maggie Petrova, Charlie Bartolo, and a mystery brunette. Bella Thorne apparently was not happy when she found out that Scott had been photographed with all of these other women, and decided to head home to California.

How Does Bella Feel?

In response to the hoopla surrounding her and Scott’s fling, Bella has this to say.

“Hahahah I’m not talking to scott or anyone else. #dontf—kwithit,” Bella wrote, via Twitter.

Bella also liked a tweet by another Twitter user, who questioned what she would entertain Scott Disick in the first place.

“@bellathorne how are you with @ScottDisick? He looks like your father; both your brain cells combined equal the amount of kids he has,” wrote on Twitter user.

Even though Bella Thorne is playing it cool, a source close to her revealed that she feels like Scott Disick may have led her on.

“At first Scott painted himself as being interested in a serious relationship as well,” a source close to Bella told Hollywood Life. “The next thing she knows, he’s got his arm wrapped around Chloe. Scott denied that anything happened between them but Bella wasn’t born yesterday.”

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Today, reports came out that Scott Disick’s latest female companion is Sofia Richie, sister of Nicole Richie and daughter of Lionel Richie. According to E! News, the pair were spotted looking rather comfy on a yacht.

With the way Scott’s behaved, it makes sense that Bella Thorne would want to distance herself from the promoter. Whatever expectations Bella Thorne may have had for a relationship with Scott have probably been destroyed.

Tell us, what do you think of Bella Thorne and Scott Disick’s fling? What do you think of the new apple of Bella’s eye? Was Belle Thorne’s tweet inappropriate? You can continue the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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