‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 92 Recap And Review: Beerus Solves Universe 7’s Problems In One Go

There’s just something so endearing about Beerus. He might not be the nicest character in Dragon Ball Super, but the God of Destruction has proven time and again that he really means well. In DBS Episode 92, Beerus once more showed that he could solve most of the Universe 7 team’s worries, whether by using his classic threats or just his random suggestions.

Warning! Spoilers below!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92, “Emergency! We Don’t Have Ten Members!!” addressed the main issue plaguing the Universe 7 team. While the father-and-son team of Goku and Gohan were able to recruit all 10 fighters that are required for the Tournament of Power, Majin Buu, one of the first fighters who was recruited for the representative team, has fallen into a deep slumber. Unfortunately for the U7 team, Mr. Satan revealed that Buu’s current deep sleep would last for months, according to noted DBS fan-translator Herms98. Hence, there was simply no way for the pink fighter to wake up in time for the Tournament of Power.

With the problem in hand, Goku went off in an attempt to wake up Buu. After his unsuccessful attempts to wake up the pink fighter, Gohan slipped up and revealed that the prize money Goku promised to Krillin, No.18, No.17, and Tien was a lie. When Gohan reacted to the cash prize like he did not know what Krillin was talking about, the stocky fighter and his wife, No.18, threatened to forfeit from Dragon Ball Super‘s most ambitious tournament to date.

Goku, faced with the prospect of Krillin and No.18 withdrawing from the Universe 7 team, attempted to reason out with his old friend, even offering to pay up using his own money. When Vegeta mentioned that Chi-Chi manages Goku’s finances, the Saiyan attempted to take a loan from Bulma instead. Unfortunately, she also declined. With Krillin mad at Goku for not telling the truth and everyone all wrapped up with the nonexistent prize money as well as Goku’s actions, Beerus decided to get involved.

Addressing Krillin directly, the God of Destruction politely (somewhat) asked the stocky fighter to participate in the Tournament of Power. Needless to say, Krillin immediately accepted, and he, together with his much more powerful wife, stayed with the Universe 7 team.

“Refuse, or I’ll destroy you.”

With that issue resolved, Beerus then went on to address yet another one of Goku’s problems, albeit inadvertently. Annoyed that every fighter that the Saiyan chose was from Earth, Beerus compared Goku’s team to the army gathered by Frieza, which featured warriors from all over the universe. With the mention of the notorious villain’s name, Goku finally had a eureka moment. He would recruit Frieza to fill in for Majin Buu in the Tournament of Power.

In a lot of ways, the issues plaguing Universe 7 are quite manageable, especially with regard to the issue of Goku’s lie about the alleged prize money. Thus, it was understandable why Beerus finally got himself involved. As for his mention of Frieza, things pretty much happened by accident. Nevertheless, even fans in online forums such as Reddit could not deny that the God of Destruction did have a great point, and it just made him all the more likable.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 also showed Caulifla from Universe 6 finally transforming into the franchise’s first canonical female Super Saiyan. Apart from this, the fighters from Universe 3, which come in the form of formidable-looking robots, were also featured. Toppo and Kahseral of Universe 11 were also shown planning the Pride Troopers’ strategy while they are in the Tournament of Power. Lastly, after much training and largely to the expense of the hapless Puar, Master Roshi has finally learned to control his basic instincts.


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