Kate Middleton And Prince William Can’t Convince Their Housekeeper To Stay, Kate Too Demanding For Sadie Rice?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a well-earned reputation for kindness, warmth, and a friendly attitude when they are on duty as senior members of the royal family, but their housekeeper, Sadie Rice, has another story to tell. The Sun broke the news that the head housekeeper at Anmer Hall finally packed it in when the Cambridges expected her to move to Kensington Palace with them.

Sadie isn’t saying that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are unkind, exactly. It’s just that they didn’t seem to have a sense of how hard the job was for Rice, according to recent claims. Prince William has Princess Diana’s bright smile and charm, and Kate, as the daughter of a businessman and a flight attendant, definitely has the common touch as well as her own natural charm.

As a child and teenager, Kate worked hard in the Middleton family business, but her experience doesn’t appear to have fully translated into an understanding of just how much dedication and time she expected from her housekeeper.

A Cambridge household insider who works at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate close by Anmer Hall said that Kate’s No. 1 domestic helper is “a hard worker.” Unfortunately for Middleton, the work got to be too demanding.

“Sadie’s a hard worker but the job’s demands got too much, even for her.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William are hiring more staff as they add more royal commitments to their schedule.
Kate Middleton and Prince William are hiring more staff as they add more royal commitments to their schedule. [Image by Ben Stansall/Getty Images]

Being part of a royal household isn’t easy. There’s so much protocol, including knowing when to curtsy, when to keep your eyes down, and what titles are the right ones to use.

Pop Sugar shared that Kate Middleton and Prince William are also meticulous about “keeping their private lives separate from their public personas,” and they take care “to avoid any weird speculation” about their behind-the-scenes lives.

For staff, the need for privacy adds another layer of difficulty to the job. Middleton and Prince William have favorite comfort foods, go-to headache medicine, and guilty pleasures just like the rest of us common folk, but it’s up to the housekeeper to keep those secrets when she’s shopping, for instance.

Rice knew all about the exigencies of royal family work before she took on the job of looking after Kate Middleton’s cleaning, laundry, shopping, and even some of the cooking. In 2015, Middleton reportedly convinced Rice to leave a good job in Oslo, Norway, with Prince Haakon and wife Mette-Marit.

The 35-year-old had worked for the Norwegian family for five years when she left to take on maintaining order at Kate Middleton’s home. Before landing the position with the Norwegian royal family, she had another royal placement in England. Kate’s allegedly overworked housekeeper was a maid in Buckingham Palace where she “was well liked” by the royal family matriarch, Queen Elizabeth.

The Cambridges reportedly wanted more from Rice than the Queen Elizabeth-approved maid was willing to give. According to the palace insider, Kate’s head maid couldn’t have a “normal life outside work” as her duties kept increasing.

“Sadie’s serving her notice and it seems nothing will change her mind. It’s their loss.”

Middleton has a nanny and a housekeeper to take care of domestic details.

Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2, both liked Sadie a lot, and those in the know believe that it will be very difficult to replace her with someone of the same high quality.

“They will regret losing Sadie as the right people aren’t easy to find.”

Princess Charlotte liked Kate Middleton's housekeeper, but it could be hard to find someone else the children like.
For a dedicated parent like Kate Middleton, it’s important that Princess Charlotte likes the household staff. [Image by Stephen Lock/Getty Images]

She decided to serve notice when she found out that Kate Middleton and Prince William expected her to move to Kensington Palace with them. In the two years since she was hired, Rice has had to spend more and more time in the city instead of at Anmer Hall, as the royals prepare to move.

The Cambridges are changing their home base to Kensington Palace in London as soon as Prince William finishes his air ambulance job this summer.

Prince George is already registered at a nearby school, and both Kate Middleton and William are taking on many more royal duties. Prince Philip, 95, has officially retired from royal life, and Queen Elizabeth, 91, is slowly stepping back as she ages.

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