Dakota Johnson Won’t Be In A New ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie Due To Tedious Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan

If the studio will ever adapt the fourth part in the Fifty Shades erotic novel series, then Dakota Johnson will not be reprising her role of Anastasia Steele due to extensive and tedious sex scenes with her co-star Jamie Dornan.

The fourth novel in the Fifty Shades series, titled Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, follows the events depicted in the first book and the movie but the entire plot revolves around Christian Grey and his take on the events that led to his inclination towards Anastasia Steele. The book, however, was heavily criticized by the book lovers, but there are several fans of E.L. James (the author of Fifty Shades book series) and the lead star cast who want to see a movie adaptation of the same by the Universal Studios.

If the studio will turn the fourth novel in the Fifty Shades series into a feature film, will fans get to see Dakota in steamy sex scenes with Jamie again? According to the actress herself, Fifty Shades Freed will be the last film in the erotic romantic drama franchise where fans will get to see her shedding the clothes for the camera.

During Dakota’s earlier interview with Chrissie Hynde for Interview Magazine, the actress revealed that the crazy sex scenes with Jamie are pretty tedious.

“We’re not having actual sex. But I’ve been simulating sex for seven hours straight right now, and I’m over it. I’m doing one [one of the sex scenes] today. It’s not… comfortable. It’s pretty tedious.”

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[Image by Fifty Shades Movies/Universal Studios]

Apparently, this was not the first time that Dakota talked about her sex scenes from the Fifty Shades franchise. During her earlier interview with Time, she shared that while shooting as Ana, she had to encounter different kinds of BDSM tools, and shooting sex scenes with those sex tools were very uncomfortable for her. Apart from this, Dakota also talked about filming sex scenes with Jamie and how they served no pleasure as they were strictly from a business point of view.

“Filming a sex scene is not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It’s really hot — not in a steamy, sexual way. It’s just sweaty and it’s not very comfortable. And on top of that, my hands and legs were tied, and I was blindfolded, and I was being hit with this bizarre tool.”

Just like Dakota, even Jamie shared the same views when it came to making love with his co-star for the Fifty Shades movie series. In one of his earlier interviews, he stated that shooting a sex scene has always remained a tricky business and those nudes scenes are “relatively uncomfortable.”

Jamie further added that according to him, filming the first scene when Ana arrives at his office made him uncomfortable.

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[Image by Fifty Shades Movies/Universal Studios]

“It’s the first time that we see Christian, and we see him in his highly impressive office, very much in charge and in a position of power,” adds Dornan. “And all of that has to come across, but we also have to quickly feel the connection between the two right away.”

As of now, there is no official confirmation from the studio if they will adapt Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian into a feature film. But based on the box-office success of the earlier two released films and the massive fan following, there are chances that the studio will green-light this project. It is, however, still not sure if the studio will get Dakota and Jamie on board for another feature film.

Fans will get to see Dakota Johnson reprising the role of Anastasia Steele for the last time in Fifty Shades Freed, which is scheduled to release on February 9, 2018. Keep checking this space for the latest trailer of Fifty Shades Freed starring Dakota with Jamie Dornan. Do you think Dakota should reprise her role of Ana if the studio makes another movie? Sound off your views in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Fifty Shades Movies/ Universal Studios]