Is Scott Disick Worried Kourtney Kardashian’s Boy Toy Younes Bendjima Will Replace Him on “KUWTK”

Scott Disick may be worried that Kourtney Kardashian new beau Younes Bendjima may replace him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That’s according to an article on Hollywood Life which cites an alleged insider who claims that Scott is feeling threatened.

“Scott is also super worried about all the rumors that Younes is going to replace him on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in fact, that’s probably bothering him the most right now,” the insider reportedly said. “Not only has this super hot dude stolen ‘his woman’ but he’s also stealing his career!”

Apparently, Scott has also been trying to dig up information about Younes to undermine him.

“Scott has never met Younes in person, but they have some mutual friends, and Scott has been asking around everyone [sic], trying to rake up some dirt,” the “source” reportedly said. “Scott hates seeing Kourtney with a much hotter, younger guy than him, it’s killing him. Scott is extremely vain, and likes to think he’s the hottest guy out there, but one look at Younes is all you need to know that that’s really not the case.”

Scott’s insecurity could be the reason why he has been seen hooking up with multiple women while he’s been in Cannes.

The father of 3 was first seen getting very cozy with 19-year-old former Disney star, Bella Thorne. The two were rumored to be dating after they were seen out together at a couple of restaurants in Los Angeles. However, as Inquisitr previously reported, Scott soon moved on to another woman, Chloe Bartoli. Disick and Bartoli have history. She’s Scott’s ex, and she was a catalyst that led to his breakup with Kourtney Kardashian in 2015.

Soon after photos of Bartoli and Disick surfaced, Bella tweeted that the “fancy” life in the South of France wasn’t for her.

According to TMZ, Bella did not appreciate being used by Scott. Apparently, she thought that Scott wanted to date since he’d pursued her in L.A. They were sharing the same villa in Cannes and when she went out to an event the photos of Chloe and Scott were released.

Alleged insiders have claimed that Scott is just trying to make the mother of his children jealous.

‘It’s a very “Let’s see how it makes you feel” kind of thing. It’s immature, but that’s Scott,’ they said.

As for Kourtney Kardashian, she seemed quite content to be with one man during the trip. She and Younes Bendjima were seen hanging out on a yacht with Kourtney’s sister Kendall and her current boyfriend, Asap Rocky along with Hailey Baldwin. They’ve since returned to the States.

“Au Revoir,” Kourtney wrote in the caption of a photo where she’s sitting on a yacht in a men’s shirt with her hair pulled back. Perhaps the shirt belongs to Younes.

If Scott was trying to make her jealous in Cannes, Kourtney didn’t seem to notice. It looked like she was focused on spending quality time with her boyfriend and showing off her toned body.

“She’s focused on her life and doesn’t care what Scott does to try and get her attention. She thought it was pathetic for Scott to try and one up her in Cannes. It didn’t work at all,” one insider shared told E! News

“What she is upset about is her kids and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind. One day they are going to be old enough to read about this stuff and understand what is going on. Kourtney is more concerned for Scott health wise and the damage he is doing to his body.”


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