Amber Portwood Slams Farrah Abraham, Defends Sex Tape To Fans Via Twitter

Amber Portwood has been in talks with Vivid Entertainment to produce the sex tape no one asked for with her fiancé, Matt Baier, and some of her fans aren’t particularly happy with the move. The reality TV star, however, has stated that it is “just business” and therefore fans shouldn’t slam her too hard for making this decision.

According to Amber Portwood, there is a very “slim” chance she and her fiancé will take Vivid up on their offer, but if they do, they will use the money they earn to help fund rehab centers all over the world.

Not only are fans of Teen Mom OG shocked by Amber Portwood’s consideration of doing a sex tape, but recently it was reported that Matt Baier had cheated on Amber with several women and that he failed a lie detector test saying he had never been with another woman during his relationship with Amber. The pair supposedly split, but reconciled, and have put their October wedding on hold, again.

Matt Baier has also recently confessed to having relapsed on prescription drugs, and that this was what fueled his attack on Amber in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG when she refused to marry him without her family during a trip to Las Vegas.

This whole fiasco has led to Farrah Abraham, the first Teen Mom to release a sex tape, accusing Amber Portwood of copying her. It has also lead many of Amber Portwood’s fans questioning why she continues to be in a relationship with Matt Baier and why she would even consider doing a sex tape. Many feel it is hypocritical since all of the other women on Teen Mom OG have been slamming Farrah for years for making a sex tape.

Amber Portwood took to Twitter to defend her actions while slamming Abraham at the same time.

“In what way have I did anything that even resembles her? Look at facts from stupid s**t like blonde hair to tv shows she’s been offered,” Amber tweeted.

She also wrote to Perez Hilton and Farrah Abraham that she had tried to be the bigger person at the MTV Movie and TV Awards a couple of weeks ago, but Farrah wasn’t having it.

“Funny when I said her name and waved laughing as she was five rows behind me at the awards she said nothing lol. blah you know why your mad,” she wrote.

The MTV star also stated that she thought Abraham was “negative and horrible.”

“She’s negative and horrible..I actually have love for people who show me love. And I respect others as well. Anyways that’s hun,” she wrote.

Amber Portwood also took the time to defend her decision to possibly make a sex tape, saying that a similar thing launched Kim Kardashian’s career, and now she’s a multi-millionaire.

“Lol will see who’s sad after!! Kim is the only smart one!! She is now a multimillionaire taking care of her family!! So everyone can stfu,” Amber tweeted.

Amber Portwood also responded to fans whom she felt were “being negative” about her choice to possibly create a sex tape with Vivid and to stay with Matt Baier. In a deleted tweet, she claimed that Baier had actually passed two lie detector tests, which is contrary to what had been reported previously.–/?taken-by=realamberlportwood1__&hl=en

She covered her feelings on the matter in two consecutive tweets.

“I’m really stunned at the reaction from my fans!! If you have anything negative to say stop following now!! The judgement is terrible and I can’t believe people would just make up their minds without even knowing details or what was said! #heartbroken #wherearemybeautifulsouls,” she wrote.

The feud between Amber and Farrah will only heat up as the pair are slated to film a Teen Mom OG reunion within the next couple of weeks.

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