Traumatized Ariana Grande Has Barely Slept Since Terrorist Attack, Focusing On The Victims Not Herself

Ariana Grande has understandably been traumatized after the suicide bombing that took place at her concert on Monday night. The Dangerous Woman singer is completely devastated as 22 people have lost their lives and at least 59 have been spending time in the hospital due to injuries sustained in the attack. Up to 119 people have been injured.

The young singer returned home to Boca Raton, Florida, the day after the attack to spend time with family and friends. Photos of Ariana Grande touching down on the tarmac in her private jet reveal that her boyfriend, Mac Miller, was there to greet her once they arrived. She jumped into his arms as they kissed and hugged.

The 23-year-old singer was slammed by British chat show host, Piers Morgan, for not staying in Manchester to help the victims of the attack by visiting them in the hospital.

He defiantly slammed the star on his show for her return home.

“If the Queen can visit the victims in hospital, so can the star they paid to see.I can 100 per cent guarantee you I would stay and visit those who had been killed or wounded watching me perform,” he said.

However, Ariana Grande has not used returning home as an excuse to run away from what happened. Although she has not visited any of the injured in the hospital, she has stated that she plans to video conference or FaceTime any of the fans who are interested in doing so.

The star, who blames herself for the attack, has also said that she will pay for the funerals of all of the victims who died that night.

Sources say that she has been in absolute hysterics since the incident has occurred. Members of the music community, however, have rallied around her and the hashtag #ArianaItsNotYourFault has been trending all over Twitter as a means to support the star.

An insider revealed that Ariana Grande has not been sleeping much since the attack and that she has been focusing on other people since it occurred.

“She’s still just absolutely crushed. She and her loved ones have barely slept this week.”

The singer has remained mostly silent on social media since the incident, except for a tweet saying that she was broken and apologizing for what happened. Most people were supportive, but of course, a few trolls had to break in and tell her that she was responsible for the incident beyond her control.

She recently opened up on Instagram with a heartfelt letter to her fans, stating that she will think about that night and its victims for the rest of her life.

The star has also stated that she will return to Manchester for a benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attack, stating that she will not allow evil to win.

The same source stated that Ariana Grande, who is severely traumatized herself, is not focusing on her own needs at the moment, even though her friends and family are urging her to do so.

“Right now, her main headspace and focus is on the victims and how she can help. It’s less about her and her own state, and it’s more about them. She’s alive, she’s safe. This isn’t about her — it’s about the victims.”

Her family and friends want her to remain home as long as she needs, and she has put her Dangerous Woman tour on hold indefinitely. However, she does hope to return to it by next month.

Ariana Grande was recently encouraged to continue singing and entertaining the masses after a father of three wrote her a heartfelt letter saying that it would be a shame if she didn’t continue to use her “God-given talent.”

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