‘LHHATL’ Stars Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Split Again After Hot Mushroom Attack

It looks like the reunion between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez was very short-lived. It was revealed by TMZ that Joseline and Stevie got into an argument that escalated so wildly that Joseline ended up throwing a bowl of hot mushrooms at her baby daddy. The incident went down a few weeks back, but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are just hearing about the hot mushroom attack.

It all went down on May 10 at the Seasons 52 restaurant in Atlanta. Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were supposed to have a meeting that they’d planned with his lawyer. According to the police report, Stevie was trying to get out of the meeting because he said that Joseline was obviously in a “hostile” mood. It wasn’t until he got up from the table and tried to walk away that Joseline reportedly picked up a ceramic bowl full of six to eight hot mushrooms and flung it at him.


Restaurant employees that witnessed Joseline’s meltdown said that her behavior was so over the top that other restaurant guests were scared. The whole thing was reported to police, who then took the ceramic bowl into evidence.

Again, Stevie J is asking that Joseline Hernandez be forced into anger management classes. He also wants Bonnie Bella’s mother to undergo a psychological evaluation.

There has been some speculation that the latest breakup may be blamed on Stevie J’s new artist, Estelita Quintero. As many who watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta already saw, Joseline wasn’t thrilled to find out that Stevie has a new Latina singer on his roster and has shown nothing but jealousy since finding out.


It turns out that Joseline has suspected that Stevie J was sleeping with his new Panamanian singer. According to Celebrity Insider, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were supposed to appear in an episode of the Wendy Williams Show together recently but canceled due to “personal issues.” Could those personal issues be the hot mushroom incident and the police report that came after?

Apparently, Joseline had already flown to New York to do the show. She even took Bonnie Bella up there with her. It was reportedly Stevie J who canceled at the last minute, not wanting to go on stage with Joseline. It was reported that Joseline threatened to share all of Stevie’s secrets while on stage and he didn’t want it to go down that way so he decided not to show up.


Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were scheduled to appear on the Wendy Williams Show on May 24. According to Wendy, they canceled the night before the show taped because they just cannot get along. It turns out that the hot mushroom incident is probably the reason why. With a police report and an active investigation, it wouldn’t be a good idea for Stevie to take the stage with Joseline again, especially since the appearance was billed as being a family affair.

Speaking of family, there’s no telling how this most recent split between Stevie and Joseline will affect their efforts in trying to co-parent baby Bonnie Bella. Once he learned that he was, in fact, Bonnie Bella’s father, Stevie J has been making a huge effort to be there for his newest child. He even tried to reconcile with Joseline but it looks like even motherhood won’t change the Puerto Rican princess.


In addition to the huge blowup with Stevie, Joseline Hernandez has a lot of drama going on with other former LHHATL cast as well. There have been reports that Joseline has been sharing a house with Althea Heart. This is a huge shocker since the two brawled viciously during the Season 3 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show, a fight so intense that Althea even sued Joseline afterward, claiming that she was high on drugs and that’s why she ended up attacking her costars.

There have been reports that Joseline is using drugs again. If so, that would explain why she made such a huge scene in Restaurant 52 when she threw that bowl of hot mushrooms and scared the other guests.

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