Roswell UFO Crash Military Photo Boosts Conspiracy Theory: Enhanced Memo Shows ‘Disk’ Craft And ‘Victims’

In what is certain to be a boost to the ongoing conspiracy theory that the United States government covered up the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) researcher has claimed to have found evidence in a military memo concerning the reported crash that the military knew all along that something other than the proffered experimental weather balloon impacted the ground outside city of Roswell, New Mexico, seven decades ago. The memo in which he says he has found the evidence is seen clutched in the hand of US Air Force General Roger Ramey in the famed — or infamous, depending on one’s view of the government’s involvement in the UFO incident — “weather balloon” photo that features the general and the seeming metallic remnants of the “balloon,” the supposed “cover” story the military used to deny that there was ever a downed top secret military or extraterrestrial craft. The researcher has claimed to have enhanced the memo, zooming in on the image, and says that the there are references to a disk-shaped craft and “victims” of the crash.

As the Daily Express reported this week, UFO researcher David Rudiak has claimed to have found evidence in a 70-year-old photo that could settle, once and for all, the truth behind the strange 1947 Roswell incident that involved the military, the media, resident of the area, and an altered story that has led to one of the most enduring conspiracy theories ever concerning aliens, UFOs, and an official cover-up of what actually happened. After the initial crash of a UFO (labeled a “flying saucer” in the Roswell Daily Record) was reported in a local paper, the story was retracted the next day under the direction of the U.S. Army (the Air Force was officially part of the Army until September of the same year, when an act of Congress made it a separate military branch). Complete with photos of the downed craft, the military claimed that the crash site contained the remains of an experimental weather balloon.

The weather balloon explanation for what was recovered at the crash site is the official story to this day. And it is the original story, its contradiction of the “flying saucer” article prompted by the official press release by the public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field, and the subsequent conflicting reports over the years from eyewitnesses and military personnel involved in the Roswell incident that has fueled the conspiracy theory.

The Ramey Memo, named for U.S. Air Force General Roger Ramey (who held the memo in the famous photo), is just one of the many unknowns concerning the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident that conspiracy theorists speculate about. [Image by U.S. Government/CC-PD-Mark/Wikimedia Commons]

But Rudiak now insists that his evidence is proof that a disc-shaped UFO crashed outside Roswell and, furthermore, there were passengers recovered at the crash site. In short, his findings point to three things: That a UFO actually crashed outside Roswell in 1947, that there were passengers aboard, and that there has been a government cover-up of the incident.

Using modern technology to enhance the photo, which was taken in the office at Fort Worth Army Air Field, later known as Carswell Air Force Base, and zooming in on the memo in General Ramey’s hand, Rudiak determined that the wording of the memo indicated that there is a “clear reference” to a disk and what he believes to be the suggestion of “victims.”

The original newspaper story of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, where it was reported that a ‘flying saucer’ was recovered by the military. [Image by Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons]

Alejandro Rojas, a presenter for Open Minds Radio, told The Express that Rudiak thinks he has deciphered about 80 percent of the memo. “He says it is clear that there is a reference to a disc, and believes he can also make out a portion of a sentence that reads ‘and the victims of the wreck’. Rudiak says this proves that a disc-shaped craft was recovered.”

“However, perhaps more startling, he says it also corroborates the claims that extraterrestrial bodies were recovered from that wreck.”

A 1994 Government Accounting Office inquiry into the Roswell UFO incident confirmed that there was indeed a government cover-up effected by the release of the “weather balloon” story. The craft was actually a spy balloon, it was testified (per The Express), that sported listening and detection devices meant to be used to surveil Russia. The “weather balloon” story was concocted to hide the nature of the balloon’s actual purpose.

This follow-up explanation led to conspiracy theories that the government was again covering up the truth (a cover-up of a cover-up), simply altering the purpose of the so-called “balloon” to deflect from what was actually recovered in New Mexico.

Photograph experts at the Congressional inquiry also testified that the memo in General Ramey’s hand was illegible.

David Rudiak and his supporters now obviously believe otherwise, thus adding another layer to the convoluted story centered around the strange Roswell UFO crash.

Last year, Rojas reported via Open Minds TV that UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle posted a $10,000 reward for anyone who deciphered the Ramey memo.

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