’48 Hours’: Dave Laut, Gary Triano Two Dead Husbands With Deadly Wives Subject Of Double Feature On CBS

48 Hours will tell the tale of two dead husbands this Memorial Day weekend. The stories of Gary Triano, who was killed in an explosion, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dave Laut, who was gunned down at his home by his wife, Jane Laut, will air on the episodes titled “Death of an Olympian” and “The Hit.” Both CBS 48 Hours episodes have aired previously. Dave Laut’s brother and Pamela Phillips will be interviewed.

48 Hours: (“Death of an Olympian”)

Shown over a two-hour period, 48 Hours will begin with the murder of Dave Laut, a high school athletics director and former Olympian whose wife shot him in the backyard of their Oxnard, California, home, in 2009, the Daily Mail reported. Authorities say Jane Laut had first stated that she was upstairs with her son when she heard a strange noise and went to investigate. That is when she found her husband with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. When the evidence didn’t match up to her version of events, she finally admitted that she shot Dave Laut in self-defense. According to Jane Laut, her husband was upset and agitated since he had been drinking heavily, and when he charged toward her, she shot him to save her own life.

The stud and the beauty queen met in high school and later married. In those days, they were considered the perfect couple. But according to Jane, things changed over the course of their marriage. She endured his emotional and physical abuse. The abuse was also allegedly directed to the couple’s son. After years of abuse, Jane had had enough by the time the tragedy occurred.

Jane Laut was later convicted in the death of Dave Laut and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Dave Laut’s story was also featured on an episode of Dateline NBC. The 48 Hours episode summary for “Death of an Olympian” is below.

“Olympic hero Dave Laut shot six times — his wife pulled the trigger. Was it murder or self-defense? In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty she’s been hiding a secret. “

48 Hours: “The Hit”

The second half of 48 Hours (The Hit”), takes viewers behind the scenes of the Gary Triano murder. According to ABC News, Gary Triano died in a deadly Tucson, Arizona, explosion in 1996. Law enforcement detectives say that Gary Triano was leaving a posh country club resort and planning to a party before his car exploded.

The investigation went cold once police were unable to determine who had planted the bomb in Triano’s car. It was speculated that a bad business deal or the Mexican mafia had something to do with the killing.

However, the case made headlines again after Gary Triano’s former wife Pamela “Pam” Phillips and her lover Ron Young were arrested. Police say Ron Young was hired by Pamela Phillips to kill Gary Triano. He kept her secret for years until the relationship soured, and Pamela Phillips stopped making payments to him.

While Pamela Phillips and Gary Triano were married, they made a stunning couple. She was blonde, sexy, and beautiful, and Gary Triano was handsome, smart, and rich. The couple lived in an expensive mansion before Gary began losing money in his business. The motive in the killing was said to be hatred and pure greed. Pamela Phillips and Ron Young were imprisoned for life. 48 Hours sneak peek for “The Hit”reads this way.

“’48 Hours’ Presents: Why was a colorful entrepreneur with powerful friends blown up in his car? His ex-wife speaks out to correspondent Peter Van Sant.”

48 Hours’ double feature airs at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. Recently, the case of Marilyn Allen aired on the series.

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