Jenelle Evans Threatens To Write Tell-All About Her Mother, Says ‘I’m Not The Bad One, You’ll See’

The feud between Jenelle Evans and her mother has gotten even nastier as the custody hearing for Jenelle’s eldest son Jace comes to a close. While Jenelle did not gain full custodianship of her son, she did get more guaranteed time with him, which is a major win for her. In the past, she has accused Barb of not allowing her to see her own son, and during that time it was legal due to the fact that there was no arrangement in place. But now, Barb has to give Jace to her daughter during the set times.

Although the pair were set to go to trial, they ended up in a mediation in order to work out a better plan for the two.

Barbara opened up to Radar Online, saying that she is glad that there was no trial.

“I am glad we settled. She didn’t want to go through [court]. It would have been awful for her. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Jenelle,” Barbara said.

Jenelle Evans then took to Twitter to rant about her mother, though it has now been deleted.

“Funny I was ready with my lawyer and my mom kept offering me an agreement when I wanted to go to trial. But thanks Barbara for the new book idea. Let’s see who has secrets. Should have taken it to trial but it’s ok… always have to remain positive.”

Jenelle is also not one to ever back down from a fight. A Twitter user told her it was time to grow up, and she, of course, shot back in true Jenelle Evans fashion.

“Nope it’s about the truth. He should be with his mom, judge didn’t even hear our case cuz we settled. I’m not the bad one, you’ll see.”

According to Jenelle Evans, the judge also told Barb to stop being “selfish” and that she now had to think about the well-being of Jace from this day forward. However, from social media interaction and what has taken place on Teen Mom 2, it seems both women could be accused of being selfish and using Jace as a pawn in their war with one another.

Reports have stated that Jenelle Evans tried to set up her mother before the trial and accuse her of drinking and driving while Jace was in her care. Allegedly, the Teen Mom 2 star showed up while her mother was at a restaurant enjoying a couple of drinks with her friends. As a few of her grandchildren, including Jace, were present, Jenelle flipped out on her and videotaped her with the drinks. This, however, was never shown during the mediation, but if it did happen, Jenelle may have had it ready to go in case there was a trial.

The Ashley has stated that the pair has a very specific outline of what they can and cannot do around Jace. Neither is allowed to drink in excess near him and he is not allowed to be around anyone who has been drinking.

The pair is also not allowed to badmouth one another in front of Jace, something that they have been doing for quite some time. Jenelle Evans recently claimed that she never speaks ill of her mother in front of Jace anymore, but judging from her behavior on Teen Mom 2, that is very difficult to believe.

The women have stated that their relationship is now so strained that they only speak to one another in regard to Jace. Jenelle Evans has, at times, even threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 if her mother was still a part of the show.

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