Miranda Lambert Has A New Admirer: Divorce From Blake Shelton Brought Her More Success

The pain that Miranda Lambert went through during her divorce from Blake Shelton seems to be worth it. The 33-year-old country artist channeled all of her emotions into her new album, The Weight of These Wings, and some of her songs inspired many people. She gained many admirers for her strength and talent, including Fire Island housemate Patrick McDonald. During an interview with Billboard, the aspiring singer talked about his original song and his inspiration.

The member of the LGBT community performed the song “Learn to Let You Go” in the Logo reality series which he wrote after he went through an emotionally draining breakup a few years ago. Patrick finds writing therapeutic and he wrote all the pain he felt during his split on his journal in just an hour. His original song has some country twang into it because he was raised in the South and was influenced by Blake Shelton’s ex-wife.

Patrick McDonald
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“I’m inspired by so many artists but I’ve never felt a bigger personal connection to anyone’s music than I do with Miranda Lambert,” McDonald revealed.

“When I listen to her songs I feel like she is singing about me and I think that’s the mark of a truly great artist. Her ability to connect with whatever I’m going through at any given time is really special to me,” he explained. “She was also born the day before me, so maybe there’s some astrological reasoning behind it. She’s also obsessed with her dogs so we have that in common as well. Scorpio sisters!”

There is no doubt that Patrick McDonald is a huge admirer of Miranda Lambert. Billboard asked him and the other Fire Island boys to create a summer playlist and he included her song “Keeper of The Flame” in the list. He claims that it is the perfect song for paying homage to the people who have blazed the trails and let them be who they are today.

Aside from gaining more admirers, Miranda Lambert received numerous recognitions after her divorce from Blake Shelton. She recently made history by winning Female Vocalist of the Year for eight consecutive times at the Academy of Country Music Awards. According to Inside Edition, the Pistol Annies member got personal during her acceptance speech which left everyone talking.

“I just want to say thank you for letting me release my heartbreak and sharing it with me,” she said as she accepted her award for Album of the Year.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert
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Lambert was referring to her divorce from Shelton, who she was married to for four years. The 40-year-old country superstar jumped into a relationship with Gwen Stefani just a few months after their marriage ended. The Texan singer, on the other hand, focused first on her music, but eventually found love from her current boyfriend, Anderson East.

During a recent interview with Irish Independent, Miranda opened up about her divorce from Blake in the form of writing. She admitted that her album, The Weight of These Wings, talked about everything that happened in her life including the ups and downs.

“I think the only word I can use to describe it is honesty. I guess that’s what I’m trying to reach – those people who are wanting to hear the ugly truth,” Lambert said.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
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Just like Patrick McDonald, Miranda Lambert considers song writing a therapy session. However, she confessed that it was also difficult for her to open up about her feelings because the public knows a lot about what she went through, including her divorce from Blake Shelton. The songstress admitted that she doesn’t care about the fame, but what is most important for her is writing and performing songs for people who would love to hear them.

“I just actually appreciate people who hear me and go: ‘Hey – your music made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my situation’. That’s all I can ask for,” Miranda said.

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