Tiny Harris: Floyd Mayweather Promises To Care For Her After T.I. Divorce, Couple Secretly Dating?

Tiny Harris is moving forward with plans to finalize her divorce with T.I., but one thing that’s held up those plans is their share of assets between one another.

Right now, according to Hollywood Life, Tiny Harris and her soon-to-be ex-husband are trying to figure out who gets what once all the paperwork has been signed.

It’s unclear whether there was a prenuptial agreement in place, but it’s fair to assume that Tiny and T.I. opted out of one considering the fact that they have been together since they were teenagers — the chances of them breaking up seemed rather unlikely.

Unfortunately for Tiny Harris, however, upon learning about T.I.’s alleged cheating affair with Bernice Burgos, the Xscape group member wasted no time to make it known to the public that she was over her marriage with T.I. and subsequently wanted out.

Reports claim that in the midst of going through the divorce process, Tiny Harris has been receiving a lot of support from her close friend, Floyd Mayweather, who she has been romantically linked to on numerous occasions in recent years.

While T.I. was alleged to have cheated on Tiny with other women, the 41-year-old allegedly followed in her estranged husband’s footsteps and did the same in revenge — it was claimed at the time that the man Harris was hooking up with was Floyd.

Floyd and T.I. had an intense brawl just two years ago over the fact that Tiny Harris had been spending a significant amount of time at the boxer’s home while things with her marriage were beginning to crumble, leaving the rapper to believe that the two were hooking up.

Now, however, Floyd Mayweather is stepping forward again, having allegedly told Tiny Harris to forget about the discussions about assets. He supposedly wants her to give T.I. whatever he wants out of the marriage because the boxing champ will financially care for Tiny and her kids.


“Tiny’s been leaning on Floyd through much of her split with Tip,” the source reveals. “Floyd’s been a great beacon of support for her. He knows that it will break Tiny if she has to sit there with Tip and actually discuss dividing up their assets in a divorce.”

“[Floyd] told her that he’d love to keep her and her kids comfortable so that she doesn’t have to waste energy fighting with T.I. over money. That’s why he’s telling her to walk away from T.I. and their money, because he’ll take care of Tiny and her kids.”

Tiny Harris’ marriage crisis has been playing out in recent episodes on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, which VH1 has already confirmed is in its final season since the couple had made it known they were planning on separating before coming to the conclusion that a divorce was to follow.

Tiny Harris has strongly denied reports claiming that she’s hooked up with Floyd in the past, stressing that he’s nothing more than a very close pal to the singer, but T.I. has begged to differ, convinced that the duo has shared more than just a close friendship with one another.


Since Tiny Harris announced her divorce to T.I., the rapper has reportedly been seeing Instagram model Bernice Burgos, BET affirms.

Bernice is also being blamed for being the reason why Tiny and her estranged husband are breaking up, to begin with. Burgos allegedly came between the couple after having enjoyed a lengthy affair with the “Live Your Life” hitmaker behind Harris’ back, it’s been alleged.

Now that the couple is officially together, Tiny Harris has made it no secret that she wants nothing to do with her former lover, apart from the fact that she wants him to continue being close to their handful of children.

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