Tiny Harris ‘Verbally Abuses’ Bernice Burgos After T.I.’s Girlfriend Shockingly Calls Family House

Tiny Harris was outraged when T.I.’s supposed new girlfriend, Bernice Burgos, called her beau at the family’s home, only to be greeted by the rapper’s estranged wife.

Hollywood Life explains, saying that Tiny Harris was stunned that Bernice even had the nerve to call the family’s home phone instead of just reaching out to T.I. through his cellphone — but for the most part, it was an opportunity for Tiny to tell Burgos how she really felt about her.

According to the outlet, Tiny Harris and Bernice had never spoken to one another prior to Burgos calling T.I. at the family’s home. They’ve exchanged words via social media, Hip Hop DX notes, but they have never spoken to each other about the situation regarding T.I.

While Tiny Harris famously claimed that Bernice Burgos was not the reason as to why she decided to file for divorce back in December, Hollywood Life claims that during the phone conversation that the singer had with T.I.’s new girlfriend, she openly admitted that it did, in fact, wreck her marriage.

Tiny Harris insisted that Bernice came between her and the man who has now become her estranged husband. And to make matters worse, Burgos reportedly wouldn’t let Tiny finish her sentence, especially since she wanted to talk to T.I, not the 41-year-old.

Things reportedly escalated quickly and before one could comprehend what was going on, Tiny Harris and Bernice Burgos were yelling at each other throughout their heated conversation.

“Bernice called TIP’s office number at the house and Tiny accidentally picked up and it was a wrap! Tiny went in! She was yelling and screaming louder than and fire truck in traffic. She basically told Bernice she’s the cause of ruining her marriage and her life,” the insider notes.


“Tiny was hot on the call, and so too was Bernice. They were equally shouting to the point where one couldn’t hear what the other was saying. Bernice is slightly embarrassed because she never wanted to ever speak to Tiny, especially not under these circumstances. She’s so upset and is going to tell Tip how his wife has verbally abused her.”

As the source already notes, Bernice felt like she was being sabotaged by Tiny Harris, especially over claims that she was hooking up with T.I. while he was still in a committed marriage to the Xscape singer, which Burgos says is totally untrue.

The Instagram model has claimed time and time again that she only started seeing the “Live Your Life” rapper after she was aware of the fact that the relationship with Tiny Harris had come to an end and that there was no chance the two would reconcile.


While Tiny Harris has tried to push the blame on Bernice, as revealed by Oxygen, the 37-year-old vowed to have a conversation with her man about his estranged wife and the accusations she made during the phone call. The last thing Bernice wants is for Tiny Harris to spread the supposed lies all over the internet and ruin her reputation.

Burgos and T.I. have been dating for a couple of months now, it’s been reported, but their romance has been kept under wraps for the most part. Neither one of them has wanted to go public with the relationship just yet, presumably out of respect for the rapper’s children who are still adjusting to the fact that their parents are no longer planning to reconcile.

Tiny Harris is hopeful that she will remain on good terms with her soon-to-be ex-husband, but it goes without saying that she has no respect for Bernice.

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