Mariah Carey Outrageous Diva Behavior On ‘The House’ Set Revealed, Why Cast Hated Her

Mariah Carey was a nightmare to work with when production for the forthcoming movie, The House, kicked off a couple of months ago, it has been claimed.

Rob Huebel admitted in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that working with Mariah Carey was the worst experience of his life, Too Fab reveals, and the entire production crew reportedly felt the same, stressing that the singer refused to follow instructions from anybody.

According to Huebel, Mariah Carey was paid to shoot scenes for no more than a day, along with a performance from one of her albums. He wouldn’t go into detail which song she was paid to sing for the shoot, but it goes without saying that she was paid a lot of money for it.

So, with all the money she was going to receive for saying a couple of lines and performing a song of her own, Mariah Carey made everyone’s life hell because she would throw tantrums and showed nothing but diva behavior during the hours she was on set with the cast.

“F***ing, what is going on with [Mariah Carey]? It was bananas,” Huebel notes. “She was like, ‘I don’t want that. I don’t feel like my character would get killed by bullets. Like, what if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?'”

Rob would go on to mention that, “They were like, ‘Mariah, we don’t have time for… You’re getting paid so much money. We have you for like one day. We don’t have time to argue with you. Just do it.'”

It reportedly got to the point where everyone from the production crew to the cast members was sick and tired of Mariah Carey and her antics. She had made it known that she was the most important person and, therefore, needed to be treated like the diva she’s famously known to be.


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Whatever Mariah Carey wanted, aside from the money she was already being paid to take part in the movie, personal assistants had to get for her in an instant. If Mariah Carey wasn’t ready to film her scene, she would allegedly delay the shoot until she felt comfortable enough to be in front of the camera.

By the end of the shoot with Mariah Carey, everyone seemed to agree by saying that working with the mother-of-two was nothing but a hassle and unnecessary stress for the crew.

Mariah Carey didn’t understand that her wasting so much time when she should be shooting her scenes would evidently make it harder for the director and cinematographer to get all the shots they wanted because quite frankly, she was paid for the number of hours she was filming, not for the hours she would waste by complaining about things.

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“Everything Rob mentioned is spot on. It was a complete nightmare filming that day. The background had to wait hours and hours, nobody was happy,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “The director is amazing and kept trying to work with her and she was just so difficult!”

“Just trying and trying to change how she would die. She didn’t like the way her stunt double died. She was on the phone when she was supposed to be shooting, everyone was in place waiting for Mariah. Lots of dressing room demands. She was hours late. Call time was in the AM, but she didn’t shoot until late evening. Just obnoxious!”

It’s believed that Mariah Carey’s diva antics definitely won’t be forgotten, with Rob Huebel having made it perfectly clear that he most certainly wouldn’t work with the legendary singer again.

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