Remy Ma: How She Feels About Nas, Nicki Minaj Romance After ‘Shether’ Diss Track

Remy Ma is hoping that Nas isn’t stupid enough to start a relationship with Nicki Minaj, it’s been alleged.

The female rapper, who found herself in an intense feud with Minaj back in February, hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with her industry rival, especially after Remy Ma dropped her infamous “Shether” diss track, which music critics have called one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time.

“Shether” was written in response to Nicki Minaj’s “Make Love” record, in which she subliminally attacks Remy Ma’s album sales, before going on to stress that she could never be as successful as the 34-year-old.

Now that three months have gone by and “Shether” continues to make a buzz, fans were rather surprised when Nicki Minaj claimed she was spending a considerable amount of time with Nas at his home in New York.

Having appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Remy Ma’s industry enemy revealed she had gotten close to the rapper in recent months. Nicki adds that while she hasn’t done “the dirty” with Nas since she’s celibate, the “Hey Mama” star is more than open to starting a relationship with the rapper because she “finds him to be super dope.”

“I thought him coming to me was too forward.We didn’t do the [nasty] because I’m just chillin’ right now,” she told DeGeneres, according to XXL Mag. “I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men. But I might make an exception to the rule for him because he’s so dope.”

Remy Ma can’t even take Nicki’s actions seriously. It seems hilarious to Remy Ma that Minaj would all of a sudden gush about her love for Nas, just months after the “All the Way Up” hitmaker used the instrumental to “Ether” in order to pen one of the most vicious diss tracks.

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“Ether” was Nas’ diss song towards Jay Z in 2001.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Remy loves it that Nicki’s with Nas and hopes every time Nicki looks at him, she’s reminded of ‘Shether!”

“Nas was the inspiration behind Remy burying Nicki and the fact she’s now trying to be close to him and take pics with him confirms to Remy that Nicki’s truly six feet under! Remy idolizes Nas and thinks he’s a true legend in the game and sincerely hopes that he’s not stupid enough to lower his standards and actually become intimate with Nicki.”

Remy Ma is somewhat confused as to why Nas would even give someone like Minaj the time of day, let alone consider the idea of going on a date with her. According to Remy Ma, her rival has proven herself to be anything but a true hip-hop rapper, and the fact that she continuously mentions a number of albums she’s sold as opposed to focusing her attention on the quality of her content speaks for itself.

Remy Ma has constantly said that she does not care about album sales, so long as the music she puts out trumps that of quantity, and that’s exactly what she’s done with “Shether” and her collaborative album with Fat Joe, Plata O Plomo.

“For Remy, every time she sees Nicki with Nas she laughs and thinks Nicki’s sad and a real glutton for pain,” the source went on to explain, making it known that Remy Ma is far from convinced that the “If I Ruled the World” rapper would want to start an actual relationship with someone like Nicki.

Remy Ma has confirmed that she’s currently writing songs for her sophomore album, which sources say is dropping sometime in 2018.

In the midst of still being caught up in a feud with Nicki, there’s no doubt that Remy Ma will have more to say about Minaj once she begins releasing singles prior to the record dropping when the time nears.

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