Joy-Anna Duggar’s Wedding This Weekend? Fan Excitement Peaks

Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding has upped fan curiosity levels several notches as the Duggars have not announced the date yet. Latest leaks indicate a two-month window but fans feel the big day has arrived.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth courted four months before they announced their engagement, triggering wedding talk. A wedding registry went online suggesting the couple is scheduled to get married on October 28, Joy-Anna’s birthday. That seemed too long an engagement period given Duggar family norms. A picture of a visibly leaner Joy-Anna in April set off speculation the wedding was closer.

While a date was yet to be announced, TLC shared a video detailing the couple’s bachelor/bachelorette party, indicating the couple could walk down the aisle soon. Just a week earlier, the Duggar girls, with a camera crew in tow, had arrived at Renee’s bridal wear store in Kentucky. Renee Miller had designed Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s gown. Later, in a Mother’s Day tribute video to Michelle Duggar, Joy-Anna mentioned the stress of wedding preparations and her excitement at become a mother, a hint that wedding preparations were on full-swing. All these developments had fans constantly checking the event schedule at Fort Rock Camp in Ozark National Forest, the wedding’s rumored venue, owned by the Forsyth family. However, Jill Dillard’s arrival from Central America served as a confirmation that the wedding is around the corner. Jill and Derrick arrived last week, but the family still remains mum about the wedding date, leaving fans to speculate.

A leak by the Facebook page Duggar Family News, shows a marriage license listing for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Martyn Forsyth. The license was obtained on May 15. Duggar fans pointed out that in Arkansas, a marriage license is valid 60 days. Washington County, where Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar reside, also states on its website the 60-day validity for licenses, thus ruling out an October wedding. It should be pointed out that the wedding was rumored to take place last weekend, but most likely did not happen.

Now the word on the page and elsewhere on social media is that Joy-Anna’s wedding could be this weekend and fans should not rule out a wedding later today, as Duggar family friends have begun arriving in Arkansas. The Fort Rock Camp is occupied for a private event this weekend, rumors suggest.

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This week, at least one spotting of the Duggars in Arkansas occurred which can be attributed to Joy-Anna’s wedding. A Facebook post mentions spotting the Duggar girls at a nail salon in Springdale. The Duggars are known patrons of the salon, Sunny Nails. On at least one occasion, the family let known its presence at the salon earlier this year. Jana Duggar had shared that she was treated at the salon by her mother, Michelle.

Given the looming context of Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding, it is hard to not connect the nail salon visit to the occasion. More importantly, this visit raises questions about the wedding date given that a nail salon’s services are not usually availed until a day before the wedding. It is likely that the family visited the salon to make arrangements for a later date including nail services at a more private location like it did before Jill’s wedding.

Additionally, while we cannot read too much into the following lead, it does warrant speculation given who it involves. Renee Miller, the bridal wear designer credited with Jinger’s gown, revealed earlier this week that she is finishing work on a dress with “one of her girls” who works for her in Florida. So what makes this lead speculation-worthy? Beside the fact that the Duggars were seen at Miller’s store earlier this month, the designer’s help on the recent project, Leah Lovetto, was also part of the small team that worked on Jinger’s dress. Lovetto was seen at Jinger’s wedding in November. If Miller was indeed working on Joy-Anna’s gown, she indicates in her post that the finished dress cannot seen until after a few weeks.

Many fans wondering about the wedding cannot understand why the Duggars have not announced the date and whether Joy-Anna’s wedding is really shrouded in secrecy. Duggar family weddings are highly publicized and well-attended gatherings, with presence of big film crews. Preparations for an event of such scale cannot be easily concealed and to attempt to do so seems counter-intuitive.

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