’13 Reasons Why’ Casting For Season 2: How To Get A Role On The Show

Fans of 13 Reasons Why will be excited to know that the show is casting for Season 2, and that they need local extras and actors who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area to fill open roles.

The production company is searching for people to play “clean-cut” jocks and cheerleaders who appear to be of high school age, who may be extras or have small speaking roles in the second season. They are also seeking stand-ins for the main roles, or for those not familiar with Hollywood speak, individuals who are either filmed from the back or far away as that particular character, or stand in for the actor while the lights and the rest of the scene is being set up for them.

13 Reasons Why cast directors are also looking for people to play adults, parents and teachers, as well as coffee shop guests (likely hanging out at Monet’s) and other miscellaneous extras.

Actors who are SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and non-union are both welcome to audition, and all roles for season two of the hit series will be paid. The show will be filmed in Vallejo, San Rafael, and Sebastopol, so it is imperative that auditionees are able to get to those locations conveniently.

The SF Gate states that men who want to play the role of a high schooler should ensure that they are clean shaven. Everyone auditioning should bring a headshot or photo and those under 18 will need a California Working Permit to be allowed to shoot. Additionally, talent is asked to fill out a form before they audition.


Auditions will take place at the USA World Classics Museum on Sunday June 4 from 11am-3pm at 1525 Sonoma St. in Vallejo, California. Hopefuls should likely arrive as early as possible to avoid disappointment or not being seen by the casting directors.

13 Reasons Why has become a smash hit, despite the somber nature of the show. It is one of Netflix’s most popular series of all time, though the show has faced harsh criticism for the way it deals with teenage suicide.

The show is based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, in which a teenager named Hannah Baker kills herself after a string of incidents at her high school. In the wake of her death, she leaves a series of 13 tapes, each one dedicated to a person who had a hand in her untimely death. 13 Reasons Why unflinchingly deals with teenage issues such as suicide, drinking, sexual assault, bullying, sexism, jocks having all of the power and rape.


While the show has been a smash hit, it has had its fair share of criticism. Many mental health professionals believe that the show glorifies suicide and makes it appear as a viable alternative to dealing with your issues. It has also been criticized for not expressing the finality of suicide, in that the show’s lead, Hannah Baker, seemingly returns from the dead in order to tell her side of the story. It also portrays very graphic rape and suicide scenes, which some feel to be out of bounds or triggering.

The show’s star, Katherine Langford, recently responded to the backlash the show has gotten during an appearance onJimmy Fallon. She felt the show is personal to everyone and that each viewer will watch it within the context of his or her own life.

“And I’m like everyone’s feelings are valid, so I’m not going to tell anyone to feel anything differently, but personally being directly involved in the show and seeing the thought and consideration that went into it…

“Also being a young adult, playing a young adult and covering issues that are relevant, I feel really proud of the way we covered it and the way we showed things.

“The other cool thing is, when Netflix says, ‘Yes we made this piece of entertainment’, and there was a focus on trying to show it in a way that served justice to message in the book.”

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]