Blac Chyna Does A Kim Kardashian, Goes Topless On Snapchat After Posting Several Raunchy Posts On Instagram

Blac Chyna has done a Kim Kardashian. She posted a topless image of herself on Snapchat to show off the kind of hard work she had been putting on to get back to shape. This has been a trend for her on social media in recent times. If you follow her Instagram account, you must be aware that she has been showing off her body over there as well.

This is something we comfortably associate with Kim Kardashian, who regularly showed off her post-baby body on social media. She is known for having zero inhibition for baring it all. If not for expensive photoshoots, Kim K has always provided enough for her fans on Instagram and Snapchat. However, this time, it is Blac Chyna. Rob Kardashian’s ex has apparently working hard on changing her body, six months after giving birth to their daughter, Dream Kardashian. The Snapchat image is definitely evidence that her hard work at the gym is paying off.

Blac Chyna’s Snapchat image is a typical bathroom selfie that people often find on social media. There are plenty of young girls on Instagram, who are known for posting semi-nude or topless pics. When it comes to celebs, Kardashians have always nailed it.

Blac Chyna shows off a lot of cleavage, flat abs, and worked-out derriere in the photo. The 29-year-old mom apparently got out of the shower and decided to show the world what she had been hiding under expensive outfits. According to Perez Hilton, Rob’s ex is completely “MILFin‘ it up!”

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While Blac Chyna has apparently followed Kim Kardashian’s path to show off her post-baby body, she was earlier denied to legal right to be a Kardashian on paper. Rob declared in December that he was no more engaged with Chyna, who had given birth to their daughter in November. Chyna’s petition to have legal rights to be named Angela Renee Kardashian was blocked by Kardashian sisters.

The Kardashian sisters do not want Blac Chyna to take their family name.
The Kardashian sisters do not want Blac Chyna to take their family name. [Image by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images]

According to TMZ, the Kardashian sisters do not want Blac Chyna to take advantage of their family name. Their take on Chyna becoming a Kardashian would have remained the same, even if she got married to Rob. According to Kim K and her sisters, Blac Chyna’s conversion to becoming a Kardashian would create confusion.

Blac Chyna posted a topless image of herself on Snapchat.
Blac Chyna posted a topless image of herself on Snapchat. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET]

As far as Blac Chyna’s efforts to show off her post-baby physique are concerned, she has been doing so on Instagram for some time now. She has been promoting a strapless bra company, while posting video clips of her wearing the product. The video clip had her wearing the “barely there” black strapless bra, revealing enough to please her fans. Her goal was to prove that strapless bras do not kill the cleavage. She promoted the product, but all fans could see was her deep cleavage.

“If this thing works for me, you know it’s gonna work for you!”

Not everyone was impressed with the product, but several of her fans appreciated her body. She promoted the product anyway with another video clip.

#ad Backless, Strapless AND cleavage? @sneakyvaunt…..Yes way, that’s right. The realest #blacchyna approved pushup is 20% off today at, whatchu waiting for? This is adjustable cleavage we talkin bout!

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This time, it was a self-recorded video in the same bathroom, where she shot the Snapchat image. She zoomed in to show off her deep cleavage. The strapless thing was clearly struggling to keep her assets together in place.

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Blac Chyna showed off her body in another IG image. This time, she showed off her flat abs. She also allowed her fans to have a look at her tattoos on the right thigh. Nevertheless, she promoted a health drink here as well, as she talked about detoxing her birthday weekend toxins. Fans also loved it when Chyna posted a pic of her in a black outfit, with a heavily plunging neckline.


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