CM Punk Blasts Champion, Ends His Twitter Beef With Football Star On TV Show

Former WWE Champion CM Punk is currently competing on another type of program and his tendency to deliver those epic rants on opponents hasn’t gone away. The former WWE superstar recently let one of the champion competitors have it in a war of words on a reality television competition series. In addition to that, the current mixed martial arts fighter from UFC was able to patch up some differences he had with an NFL star who has had some involvement with WWE. This all took place over the course of one episode of a reality television program.

As Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on Wednesday, CM Punk got into a very heated exchange with his TV castmate Johnny Bananas on MTV’s latest competition show, The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros. Johnny Bananas is one of the former champions on the show, having won six other editions of The Challenge. Punk is among the team of professional athletes they’re competing against. The weekly television series on MTV features the two teams of competitors participating in various games of skill, endurance, intelligence, and other abilities. All of the competitors involved in the show are doing it in the name of individual charities. Punk is competing on behalf of the charity Paws Chicago.

CM Punk blasts champion on MTV ends Twitter beef
Former WWE star CM Punk is currently competing on a MTV reality TV challenge series. [Image by WWE}

During the second episode of The Challenge this past Tuesday night, Punk placed last on his team during the latest competition. That prompted Johnny Bananas to start up the trash talk. Bananas trash-talked the former wrestling star by saying, “I don’t go to the UFC and get my ass whooped, that’s what I don’t do.” Punk responded by telling him he was “either going to win gloriously or die a glorious death,” which is something the MTV star wouldn’t understand. From there, the two got into an uncomfortable expletive-filled war of words on the show.

Eventually, Punk and Bananas stopped jawing at one another. Punk rationalized things afterward, stating that, “We’re not neighbors. We’re never going to be friends. I guess that’s why we’re competitors.” In a spoiler alert, both Bananas and CM Punk were part of the elimination round for their teams with the possibility they both could get sent home on just the second episode.

While that verbal altercation may have been the dramatic highlight of the latest episode, CM Punk was also able to put a feud to rest with an NFL star. Former San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills star Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman is one of Punk’s teammates and approached him during the latest episode. The two talked about the Twitter war they’d had in the past. Merriman told Punk he’d felt he was coming at him with comments he made on the social media site regarding Merriman trying to hit on WWE Divas. The two eventually laughed over it all and shook hands, seemingly burying the beef.

WWE stars AJ Lee Paul Heyman and CM Punk
Former WWE Diva AJ Lee (left) in ring with Paul Heyman and CM Punk during a WWE segment on Raw. [Image by WWE]

Punk is currently married to former WWE Divas Champion A.J. Lee and resides in Chicago. Before stepping onto the reality television series, CM Punk has most recently been involved with UFC. Unfortunately, his attempt to claim a victory in his first fight turned south as he was quickly defeated by Mickey Gall. The loss showed Punk he still had quite a bit of work to do in order to make it inside the Octagon. It’s unknown when he might have another fight for the UFC organization.

As for those hoping that Punk will ditch the UFC and return to the WWE wrestling ring, that seems like it’s still a ways off. CM Punk left the company on less than amicable terms but appears to be enjoying his life outside the squared circle. He appears as if he’ll still pursue more fighting opportunities within the UFC, and Dana White will likely co-sign on them as CM Punk can draw attention to the organization. As far as Punk winning a fight, that remains to be seen, but he certainly can talk trash with the best of them in most arenas.

[Featured Image by WWE]