‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now’ Joe W Review: Joe Proves Optimism, Discipline, And Heart Go A Long Way

There’s just something incredibly endearing about Joe Wexler, one of the most likable subjects ever featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. Since first appearing on the hit reality TV show, Joe has managed to lose 418 lbs, appearing on the recently aired Where Are They Now episode as a completely changed man — a man who, as could be seen in his follow-up episode, has managed to definitively claim his life back from morbid obesity.

Joe’s morbid obesity started due to massive issues he had with his father, who neglected him all the time. According to Joe W’s mother, Robin, her husband used whatever means he could in order to take shortcuts in raising his son. Unfortunately for Joe, that included being fed fast food on a regular basis, according to a Life & Style Mag report. Unsurprisingly, Joe started gaining weight early, and within a few years, he was already overweight.

“Joey started gaining weight really early. His daddy decided it was easier to get him to eat fast food instead of other things. Joey wanted to be close to his dad, and instead of his dad being there, he would buy him things like video games and movies.”

Joe’s eating addiction became his way of lashing out at his father, his weight ballooning so much that he was closing in on 800 pounds by the time he was featured on My 600-lb Life. By the time he was featured on the hit reality TV show, Joe’s mobility was completely compromised, and his life was already in danger. In an interview during his first dedicated My 600-lb Life episode, Joe W stated that while he was aware of his unhealthy eating habits, he never imagined that he would become the way he was.

“Growing up, I could’ve never imagined ending up like this. I’ve always had problems with my weight, ever since I was little. Bad habits got picked up early, I pretty much had free reign to do whatever I wanted, and that included whatever I wanted to eat.”

Since then, however, Joe W has been on a roll, gaining back his life with a determination that left viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show impressed. Since first appearing on the show, Joe has managed to lose 418 pounds of his weight after Dr. Now’s gastric bypass surgery. He has continued to keep himself disciplined as well, avoiding unhealthy food and keeping his body fit.

Joe had always displayed a certain degree of optimism, even when he was morbidly obese. After losing all his excess weight, Joe has managed to adopt an even more positive outlook in life, to the point that he became confident enough to find someone he could date and settle down with. In the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, Joe was shown to be nervous about meeting Sara, a woman he met online. True to form, Joe went on a picnic date with Sara, complete with healthy food, according to a 2Paragraphs report. Needless to say, the two clicked, and they were eventually engaged.

Joe has been incredibly thankful for his recovery from morbid obesity. In his Where Are They Now episode, Joe even invited Dr. Nowzaradan to come to his wedding, stating that the bariatric surgeon was one of the reasons why he was able to overcome his food addiction and take back his life.

“I want to thank you for giving me the life I love now.”

Whether Dr. Now ultimately attended Joe W’s wedding remains to be seen, but viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show have nonetheless applauded the former near-800-pounder for being one of the most notable success stories of My 600-lb Life. If any, Joe’s story all but proves that regardless of adversities faced in the past, discipline, an intense drive to get healthier, and a great dose of optimism go a very long way.

[Featured Image by TLC]