Are Megan Markle And Prince Harry Looking For A Home In The U.S.?

Prince Harry and Megan Markle may be coming to America. At least that’s according to an article in OK! Magazine. The magazine article quotes an alleged insider who claims that the couple are looking for a place in the U.S. that’s closer to Meghan’s mother

But Gossip Cop, a site that’s known for busting these types of celebrity rumors, claims that the prospect of the prince and Meghan moving to the U.S. is highly unlikely at this point.

“They need a base near her mom and family that’s secure and private” the insider claimed, as reported by Gossip Cop. “They’re still not sure if they’ll keep her pad in Vancouver. It would only be for sentimental reasons as that’s where their romance really started.”

The so-called source says that Harry and Meghan might be looking for a place in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, The Hollywood Hills, or perhaps Orange County. The Suits actress is originally from Los Angeles.

Gossip Cop asked their own trusted source who said that the idea of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would be moving to the United States is a bit premature at this time. Reading between the lines, that sounds like Harry and Meghan aren’t at the point in their relationship where they’re considering that option.

Gossip Cop’s source also said that Markle plans to continue living in Toronto which is where she shoots Suits. If she leaves the show, or if it ends, then it’s very likely that she well move to California. So, if she’s still with Prince Harry at that point, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he would be seen there with her.

Although they may not be ready to move to the U.S. together, the relationship is said to be getting very serious. Their strong affection for each other was on show at the recent Pippa Middleton wedding.

“Harry was being the perfect gentleman with Meghan,” an insider told People Magazine of the prince’s actions at the reception.

Ingrid Seward of Majesty Magazine said that Prince Harry is taking his time to get Markle used to being a part of his unusual royal life.

“He wants her to acclimatize to it all,” Seward told People. “It’s such a whole different world to move into — there’s so much to get used to.”

“He’s really in love with her, but wants to give it his best crack,” she adds.

Quantico actress, Priyanka Chopra, who is friends with Markle, has said that she seems pretty content in the relationship.

“[Markle] seems happy. I think they look great together,” Chopra said during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show. “High-profile relationships are so stressful anyway, so as a friend I wouldn’t like to add on that at all.”

Apparently Markle is so content that she doesn’t have much stress in her life at the moment.

“We talk, but we talk more about my stress than hers. She doesn’t seem to have any [stress] right now,” Chopra said.

Meghan Markle has also charmed the rest of the royal family. According to The Irish Independent, Queen Elizabeth, Harry’s grandmother has approved of the budding relationship. But there’s no confirmation that he’s asked his grandmother for permission to marry Markle yet.

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do decide to get married, there’s nothing legally stopping it from happening at Westminster Abbey. The Church of England has confirmed that even though Markle is a divorcee and a Jew, it won’t prevent her from having a proper royal wedding with all of the pomp and ceremony that royal watchers have come to expect.


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