‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is A DiMera Doctor On His Way Back? Will Dr. Rolf Return to Resurrect The Dead?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that some old characters are coming back in the next few months. Although not confirmed, there are hints that a memorable DiMera doctor might be returning. This isn’t just a regular physician, though. This individual has the power to resurrect the dead. With the news that Will Horton is coming back alive, will Dr. Rolf be returning? If so, can he explain how Will isn’t dead like everyone thought?

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what could happen on the NBC soap opera.

According to Jason47‘s Facebook page, there are hints on social media that Dr. Rolf (formerly played by William Utay) might be returning. Recently, there were audition tapes circulating on Vimeo. They teased that near Halloween, there would be a doctor that could bring back the dead. A more recent set video showed a balding man in a white coat on a monitor. In the background, a man named William was being called on the set. This is making fans wonder if William Utay will be returning to Days Of Our Lives.

In 2003, Dr. Rolf died on DOOL. However, he turned up alive in 2007. When asked about his death, he simply stated that it “didn’t stick.” The last time the DiMera minion was seen was in 2008. As for the actor, he took a leave of absence from the entertainment business. He resurfaced in February when Utay showed up on Modern Family.

As fans already know, Chandler Massey is returning as Will Horton, who was previously killed by Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Around that time, Alison Sweeney will reprise the role of Sami Brady. If Dr. Rolf returns, will it explain how Will is alive after being murdered by the Necktie Killer? Could this also mean that EJ DiMera might be turning up alive as well? Even though James Scott is not interested in returning to the NBC soap opera, the character could be recast.

The comments on the Facebook page are interesting. Many look forward to seeing Dr. Rolf return, if the speculation turns out to be correct. However, Stefano Dimera (formerly the late Joseph Mascolo) and Dr. Rolf always had the best scenes together. With the passing of Mascolo, who would Utay’s character interact with?


Some are thinking that it could be Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis). On Days Of Our Lives, Andre is definitely diabolical enough to bring back a doctor known for doing DiMera’s evil bidding. Even though Andre isn’t the most moral resident in Salem, family does mean everything to him. This is especially true after Stefano disappeared. Losing his father was hard on him and made him want to get closer to his brother, Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn).

Perhaps in his quest to making DiMera powerful again, he will try to resurrect more than one family member? Could fans be also looking at the return of Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson)? Even though Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) pushed her out of a window, Kristen’s body was never found.

Speaking of Kristen on Days Of Our Lives, after EJ’s death, she snuck into the morgue and injected his body with a mysterious substance. Stefano ordered her to do the deed, but there was no explanation. EJ’s body remained lifeless and the storyline was abandoned. Could that substance have a connection to the doctor who brings back the dead?


Since a doctor capable of resurrecting the dead is due to appear in October, it would explain Will Horton’s appearance around that same time. New head writer Ron Carlivati doesn’t think twice of bringing back dead characters. He has done it several times on other shows he has worked on. As one fan speculated on Facebook, perhaps Dr. Rolf has been keeping Will Horton and EJ DiMera all this time?

What do you think of the possibility that Dr. Rolf could return to Days Of Our Lives? Do you expect William Utay to reprise his role or will there be a new face to the character? What kind of storyline can fans expect? Could it have something to do with Will Horton coming back to Salem?

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