‘Survivor: Game Changers’: Cirie Fields Relives Her Shocking Exit And Reveals If She Would Play Again

Survivor: Game Changers crowned Sarah Lacina as the winner of Season 34 on Wednesday, May 24. Cirie Fields, who came in sixth place, made history during the Survivor finale. She was voted out because there was no other option.

Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, AubryBracco, Sarah Lacina and Troyzan Robertson all had some sort of immunity which protected them from being eliminated. Even though Fields didn’t have one vote cast against her, she was voted out because there was no other option.

Cirie sat down with Entertainment Weekly and talked about her shocking exit from Survivor: Game Changers, receiving a standing ovation from the jury, and the moment she crossed the balance beam.

Field recalled feeling shocked by her exit and couldn’t believe her Survivor journey was over. In fact, Cirie admitted that 1o months later, her mind is still blown that she was voted out without any votes cast against her.

“If you were watching, you saw a smile come across my face, and that smile was, Uh-oh. [Laughs] But uh-oh in such a way that I can’t even do anything but smile. I walked down the path laughing and crying. I was crying like, ‘Waaaah, I’m out.’ And then I started laughing like, ‘I can’t believe that just happened on Survivor. It was back and forth, back and forth.'”

Cirie explained that the love and respect the other players gave her made her exit okay. Fields revealed that usually after the Survivor finale, she is upset and depressed. She replays what she could have done differently in her head. However, this season, she didn’t do that. She actually believes that she did everything she could and had no regrets about her gameplay.

“This was such a great game; this was such a great season,” Fields said. “The people were so amazing. It was just a great experience that I don’t feel that sorrow.”

Fields talked about the moment that she crossed the balance beam in the water. According to Parade, she expressed how difficult it was to watch the emotional scene play out on Survivor.

Cirie explained that she asked her children to watch her complete the challenge. Even today, she talked about the experience with tears in her eyes and expressed how proud she was of herself for completing the challenge even though she received no reward.

“I completed the challenge and my kids are going to see me do it.”

As for if she could have won if she would have made it to the final three, Cirie believes she could have. She added that she thinks she could have beat both Brad and Sarah.

Fields explained that her dream final three was herself and Michaela and either Aubry or Andrea. She wanted to get to the end with Michaela because she felt like it would mean something to sit next to her at the end.

“I just wanted Michaela to get there as well because I thought that would have been so cool to have two sisters sitting in the final for the first time and I just believe that it would have changed the game again!” Cirie added.

Cirie noted that Survivor was tough this time around. She isn’t sure if it is her age or if it was the competition, but the game wore her out. Even though it was tough, Fields would return to the game in a heartbeat.

“I am a true Survivor fan and I love this game, and I could never say no. They would probably call me tomorrow and I’d be like, ‘Okay!'”

Cirie Fields solidified her mark in the Survivor game by competing for 120 days. Currently, Ozzy holds the record for the most Survivor days played at 128 days.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]