May 25, 2017
Spencer Newcomer, David 'Dave' Wintermyer: 'Fear Thy Neighbor' Tackles Fatal Shooting Of Former U.S. Marine

Spencer Newcomer, 42, shot his neighbor, David Wintermyer, 47, dead after a lengthy feud over wood piles and dogs, WGAL-8 reported. Now, five years later, Investigation Discovery's Fear Thy Neighbor will air the case tonight. The Fear Thy Neighbor episode pertaining to Spencer Newcomer's case is titled "Monkey in the Middle." Spencer Newcomer, who was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in 2013, will participate in the show and will outline the facts that led up to the fatal shooting.

Former Marine Shot Dead In Yard By Angry Neighbor

For months, Spencer Newcomer aggravated his neighbor, David 'Dave' Wintermyer. The main source of the problem between the two men was a shed in Newcomer's yard that had a serious termite infestation. David Wintermyer believed it should have been torn down. As the weeks passed, they often argued over the shed and the dogs. One neighbor remembered seeing Dave become so enraged that he knocked over a wood pile in Spencer Newcomer's backyard. The arguments, at times, amused neighbors as tempers flared. However, no one would have ever believed that someone would end up dead.

Peaceful Pennsylvania Neighborhood Becomes A War Zone

Dave Wintermyer liked things a certain way. The former Marine was tough and could be aggressive. But neighbors thought he was reasonably polite and helpful to other neighbors when needed. In addition to his supportive attitude, Dave Wintermyer seemed to enjoy the serene surroundings and desired to keep the neighborhood looking nice. The neighborhood was a source of pride for him.

For Dave Wintermyer, Spencer Newcomer seemed to take some of the peace away from the area, and Wintermyer was tired of dealing with him. Although the back and forth bickering between the two next door neighbors had become commonplace, there was something different about that Sunday morning in June of 2012. Dave and Spencer had argued the night before and were still at it by the next morning. But this time, there was bloodshed.

Eyewitnesses say that the shooting happened as Spencer Newcomer was exiting his driveway. Then Newcomer stopped, exited his car, and approached Dave Wintermyer. Spencer shot Wintermyer four times, with three shots striking him in the chest.

Did Spencer Get Away With Murder?

It was Spencer Newcomer who called 911 to report that he had shot Wintermyer. Police were summoned to the 3812 Sylvan Drive home in Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania, where they found David Wintermyer with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. He told investigators that David reached into his pocket and pulled out what he believed was a gun. It turned out to be a cell phone. Wintermyer had no weapons on him at the time.

Neighbors told police the Sunday morning shooting was the final culmination of the ongoing dispute between Dave Wintermyer and Spencer Newcomer.

Community members were deeply saddened by the turn of events that they said left a well-respected man dead. As news of the shooting swept through the normally quiet neighborhood, people gathered along the tree-lined street to leave flags and other items in remembrance of the former U.S. Marine.

A jury took less than six hours to acquit Spencer Newcomer. Today, he is a free man, according to Trib Live.

Many folks agreed with the verdict and believed the right decision was made. Call it a stroke of luck or divine fate; Spencer Newcomer has to be relieved that he won't have to spend the rest of his life in prison. People who knew the victim say that he was portrayed much worse than he was in real life. They suspect the defense played up the neighborhood bully angle and believe that Spencer Newcomer deserved to be punished.

David 'Dave' Wintermyer's obituary is located here. Fear Thy Neighbor airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on ID. Two weeks ago, the case of Raul Rodriguez was aired on Fear Thy Neighbor.

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