Jeremy Corbyn Laments Manchester Attack, Election Chief’s Son Proclaims It Came At ‘Ideal Time’ For Tories

Jeremy Corbyn has been busy paying tribute to the many victims of the Manchester terror attack, calling it a “terrible incident,” while also praising the enormous “bravery and professionalism” that the emergency services in Manchester showed.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke about how horrified he was by the events in Manchester and agreed with Theresa May that campaigning for the upcoming general election would be suspended for the time being while the country came together and united in solidarity for the lives of the 22 people who had been lost and the countless other victims who were injured because of the suicide bomber.

Speaking with Sky News before the attack in Manchester was confirmed to be a terrorist incident, Jeremy Corbyn lamented that the innocent victims had only been young children who were just enjoying themselves at a concert, as the Telegraph reported.

“Its absolutely shocking news, its the most appalling act of violence that’s taken the lives of young people who were at a music event to enjoy themselves. People must be allowed to enjoy themselves at a music event. This is an appalling act of violence against people and it must be totally and unreservedly and completely condemned.”

Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Hull on May 22, 2017. [Image by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images]

While Jeremy Corbyn has been discussing the events in Manchester, the son of his top election strategist has inadvertently created controversy by a post on Facebook.

Jack Murray, whose father is Andrew Murray, Corbyn’s newly appointed election chief, vented politically on Facebook about how the Manchester terror attack came at a bad time for Jeremy Corbyn but at an extremely good one for Theresa May and the Tories. Jack believes one of the reasons for this is because instead of focusing on what he called the “disastrous” campaign of Theresa May and the Tories, the press will most likely now be reporting on the Manchester terror attack and little else.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, however, have gone out of their way to distance themselves from these comments and make certain voters are aware that Jack Murray does not speak for them, the Telegraph reports. Labour also state that the 30-year-old Jack has never worked for Labour nor been involved with them in any way.

Speaking of the Manchester terror attack, Jack Murray wrote on Facebook that the Tories had been losing an incredible amount of support immediately beforehand, with polls showing that Jeremy Corbyn was rapidly gaining support immediately before the Manchester suicide bombing.

“One thing is for certain though, that this has come at an unbelievably ideal time for those in power and over the next two weeks the media will now be entirely focused on this terrorist attack and not the disastrous Conservative party campaign that was losing support daily.”

Murray also explained why he believed that Theresa May could conceivably twist the suicide bombing to her advantage by promoting herself as the best leader for the United Kingdom in unsafe times such as these, and how the press may play along.

“It will be entirely focused on using this attack as further proof of why we need a ‘strong and stable’ leader and not a man of peace with ‘terrorist links’.”

Jeremy Corbyn and John Prescott in Yorkshire on May 22, 2017. [Image by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images]

But despite the protestations of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn trying as hard as he can to distance himself from others who are politicizing the Manchester terror attack, there are a growing number of others who also believe that Tory politicians are using the suicide bombing to their advantage.

A journalist for the Vice News website, Sam Kriss, wrote on Twitter that putting the army out on the streets immediately before a general election could really only have come from political motives rather than the sincere desire to protect people.

“I’m sure absolutely no political calculation went into the decision to put Strong Decisive Army Men on the streets weeks before the election.”

What do you think of the way Jeremy Corbyn has handled the attack in Manchester and do you think Theresa May and the Tories are using the event to their advantage or not?

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