50 Cent Tells His Baby Mama To ‘Get A Job’ Now That His Child Support Payments Have Ended

If there’s one thing that 50 Cent knows how to do, it’s to stay in the news. Whether it be for his music, his acting, or his outrageous comments, 50 Cent knows what to say to get the blogs talking. Now, he’s back in the news because of what he said to and about his first baby mama.

According to VladTV, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has two baby mamas, each of whom has a son by him. His most recent baby mama is a model of sorts named Daphne Joy, with whom he has a young son, Sire. However, his first baby mama is a woman named Shaniqua Tompkins, who was his childhood sweetheart, and she is the mother of his son, Marquise.

However, to say that Tompkins and Jackson have a tumultuous relationship would be the height of understatement. In addition to trading barbs in the media, Jackson went so far as to compare her to a dog on Instagram.

Now, he’s back on Instagram to throw more shade at her; this time to tell her that she needs to get a job now that Marquise is an adult, and thus, Jackson’s child support payments have stopped.

“Graduating from child support 20 years to all my other brothers hang in there [sic].” He wrote, “LOL 4 months left no more free ride. she might want to get a job now.”

The post, however, seems to now be deleted.

Gotta have dat chopper in the office. ????#letsgetit

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With that said, we’re not sure we really blame 50 Cent for being grateful he’s escaped child support payments. He recently revealed to SOHH.com how much he’d really paid in child support over the years, and the outlet was shocked to find out that it was more than a million dollars. That’s a pretty hefty paycheck!

But that hasn’t stopped Shaniqua Tompkins from hitting back. After Jackson had posted the picture comparing her to a dog, she clapped back and clapped back hard.

“You know what it is. Poor baby’s in his feelings because Muva isn’t paying him any attention.”

She then took to her own Instagram to post a photo of Jackson’s son, Marquise, with his half-sister, which she captioned “it’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Clearly, Tompkins has no chill. Then again, neither does Jackson.

But don’t think that 50 Cent is made of copper. In fact, according to a different report for SOHH.com, he does miss his other baby mama, Daphne Joy, to whom he dedicated a hilarious Instagram meme.

According to the outlet, Fif believes that he and his second baby mama “could have made it” if she wasn’t so crazy. (Of course, it’s arguable that Jackson is just as crazy as Daphne Joy, which is perhaps the perfect reason why it would have worked.)

He also frequently posts pictures of his baby mama with loving captions, often extolling her gorgeous body (and she certainly is a pretty one), while also slamming the fact that she seems to be a woman of loose morals.

But, if other people try to hit on his baby mama, he’s the first to jump down their throat, leaving snarky comments questioning the person’s ability to provide for her financially and suggesting that the person doesn’t know how to treat a woman properly.

“Don’t be picking up my baby mama and taking her out to eat and s–t, because when you find out what fly s–t she’s used to, you might want to put her back,” he wrote.

It sounds like 50 Cent is still in love with both of his baby mamas, and if nothing else, 50 Cent knows how to keep things interesting.

[Featured Image by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for DuJour]