‘Little People, Big World’: TLC Teases Dwarfism In Zach & Tori’s Baby, Shares Baby Update On Jeremy & Audrey

The Little People, Big World network, TLC, continues to tease dwarfism in Zach and Tori Roloff’s new baby, while also sharing a baby update on Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. The young Roloff couple, Zach and Tori, introduced their first-born son, Jackson Kyle, to Little People, Big World fans on Mother’s Day via social media. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, the other Roloff newlyweds, are expected to welcome their first baby into the world in September. Throughout both pregnancies, TLC has used the possibility of the Roloff grandbabies having dwarfism as a way to hold the attention of Little People, Big World fans, mainly since dwarfism is the basis for the popular long-running reality TV series.

Exactly two weeks after the birth of Zach and Tori’s baby boy, Little People, Big World fans still do not know if he has dwarfism, a medical condition causing short stature that Roloff patriarch Matt Roloff, 55, Roloff matriarch Amy Roloff, 52, and Jackson’s father, Zach, 27, all suffer from.

Tori Roloff, 26, gave birth to baby Jackson on Friday, May 12, and the couple shared their new addition with Little People, Big World fans the following Sunday, which also happened to be Mother’s Day. Zach and Tori Roloff has since only shared one other photo of their new baby, but both photos show the baby completely wrapped up, giving no clue to fans as to whether Jackson has dwarfism or not.

Both TLC and the Roloff family members have been quiet about whether Jackson is of average height, like Jeremy Roloff, 27, Molly Roloff, 23, and Jacob Roloff, 20, or suffers from dwarfism, which can sometimes be inherited. Even though the Roloffs and the network all know, by now, the stature of baby Jackson, Little People, Big World fans still don’t know. Some loyal fans, who have been following the six members of the Roloff family on the small screen since the show first aired on TLC in March of 2006, say “it’s not a big deal” if Zach and Tori’s baby has dwarfism, as long as he’s otherwise healthy, but TLC made it a big deal and left other Little People, Big World fans wanting to know.

As the current season of Little People, Big World continues to feature Zach and Tori, as well as Jeremy and Audrey, as both couple’s wait on the arrival of their first-born children, fans had built up a curiosity about whether either of the Roloff grandbabies would have dwarfism. Suspense continued to build for Little People, Big World fans, especially as Tori Roloff neared her due date and after TLC shared a sneak peak of the season premiere episode of Season 17 earlier this month that shows Zach and Tori preparing themselves for the possibility of giving birth to a baby with dwarfism. Little People, Big World fans were left saying they couldn’t wait to see pictures of Zach and Tori’s baby when he arrived.

“This baby is blessed to be a part of such a loving family, and while dwarfism carries medical risks, the baby will be blessed to have you two as parents,” said one fan on Tori Roloff’s 36-week pregnancy update on Instagram.

While fans would love to see more photos of baby Jackson, they will more than likely have to wait for the next season of Little People, Big World to see more of baby and to find out if he has dwarfism. In the meantime, TLC continues to tease fans via the official Little People, Big World Facebook page. Two days ago, and 12 days after Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their baby boy into the world, TLC shared a post on Facebook asking if baby Jackson is a little person, “just like dad Zach.” This post was another sneak peek video from TLC of last Tuesday night’s fourth episode of Season 17 of Little People, Big World.

The teaser video set off a slew of comments from disgruntled Little People, Big World fans. Some fans continue to say “who cares if he’s going to be tall or small,” while other fans say they do care and want to know if he’s a little person or not. Other Little People, Big World fans brought up the fact that Zach and Tori’s baby has already been born and was a healthy, average size for a newborn, at over nine pounds and over 20 inches long. However, other comments counter that argument by saying that babies born with the type of dwarfism that Zach has, called achondroplasia dwarfism, can be born of normal height and weight.


The dwarfism status of baby Jackson has created quite a divide among Little People, Big World fans, especially with TLC continuing to post teasers.

“The show has talked about his size before he was born, but now it’s a secret?” one fan commented on a previous Inquisitr article.

That same comment goes on to say that now people are just curious, especially since TLC continues to build up the suspense through Little People, Big World.

TLC also shared a pregnancy update on Jeremy and Audrey last Tuesday via Facebook. The update tells fans to “find out what Audrey has been craving and more” and links to a video on TLC’s Little People, Big World website. The two-minute video clip, titled “Adventures with Jer and Auj: Pregnancy Update,” features Jeremy Roloff giving Little People, Big World fans an update on Audrey’s pregnancy, as she enters her third trimester.

According to Jeremy, Audrey has been craving sparkling water and gummy bears, both of which he says he keeps stocked in the fridge. Jeremy also says that Audrey has become more particular in how clean the kitchen is, adding that he’s had to pick up the slack on dishes and laundry. The short pregnancy update ends with the pregnancy is going well, even though Audrey has been suffering with more back aches and pains.

Audrey Roloff gave fans a personal update on her Instagram account just one day ago, saying that last night was their “last night” in their “beloved Bend home.” Jeremy and Audrey have decided to move back to Portland to be close to the Roloff family farm. Audrey adds that even though Bend, Oregon, will always feel like home to them, moving back to Portland will allow them to “be close to our families and the farm with baby girl on the way.” Audrey also shared an updated pregnancy photo at 26 weeks pregnant, saying that she’s been living in a maternity robe “since we begun the packing process.”

Last night was out last night in our beloved Bend home... The decision to leave Bend was not made without MANY long, intense, and tearful conversations. Ultimately, Jeremy lead us in the decision to move back to Portland to be close to our families and the farm with baby girl on the way - eliminating the copious amounts of back and forth we've been doing over the past two years.... Moving is always hard. Not just physically, but emotionally - and not just because I'm 6 months pregnant. I have a tough time leaving places that hold so many sweet memories. I think Bend will always feel like home to us. I'm brimming with thankfulness as I reflect back on all of the ways that the Lord has provided for us, refined us, grown us, blessed us, and worked through/in us during our time in Bend. The hardest part about moving is hands down leaving our community. Our house church family in Bend is truly the most honest, generous, vulnerable, encouraging, accountable, God-fearing, spirit-lead, and Jesus loving group of people I've ever been given the privilege to do life with. To say our faith has been stretched and strengthened these past few years is a staggering understatement. I am torn between excitement and sadness - to be expected with such transitional times in life. Nevertheless, Jeremy and I topped off a full day of packing with some pizza on our empty bedroom floor, a tearful (on my end) illumination of the past two years, and a prayer for all that lies on the road ahead. #alwaysmore #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent #stayingido Since we begun the packing process, I've been living in this maternity robe from @shoppinkblush plus I'm a sucker for all things floral???? #shoppinkblush #6monthspregnant #26weekspregnant

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While Little People, Big World fans anxiously wait for the arrival of Jeremy and Audrey’s baby in September, both Roloff grandbaby pregnancies can be followed in continued upcoming episodes of Season 17, with the fifth episode airing next Tuesday, May 30, on TLC at 9 p.m. ET. Episode 5 will show Jeremy and Audrey as they plan a gender reveal party, Zach as he faces the hardships his son may have if he is born with dwarfism, Amy as she pursues a new business venture, and Matt as he tackles another one of his big projects, as summarized by TWC Central.

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