August 6, 2017
Melania Trump In A Suit At Brussels Hospital: FLOTUS' Twitter Says Boy She Visited Will Get Heart Transplant

First Lady Melania Trump's hulking diamond ring can be seen in the above photo, as Mrs. Trump brushed her hair from her face. According to the Associated Press description of the photo, Melania spoke with a physician whilst working on crepe paper flowers at the Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital. Select patients at the Brussels hospital were blessed with Mrs. Trump's presence on Thursday, May 25. Melania had planned visits not only to the children's hospital, but also had scheduled a museum visit and a stop at the royal palace. President Donald Trump would be busy attending the NATO summit.

Melania's official Twitter account, at the Twitter handle @FLOTUS, updated the public about the fate of one little boy that Mrs. Trump visited in the Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital. As seen in the below tweet, which was published to Melania's Twitter account on May 24, at 4:42 p.m., Mrs. Trump held a child's hand. The text of the tweet noted that the little boy whom Melania visited in the hospital would receive the heart transplant that he'd been waiting for, and included the hashtags #blessings and #faith.

The popular tweet from Melania quickly received more than 43,000 likes and more than 8,000 retweets.

As reported by Inquisitr, Melania's Catholic faith was on full display when Mrs. Trump visited Pope Francis, and had the pope bless her rosary. As seen in the below video, Pope Francis joked with Melania about the type of food she feeds President Trump. After the lighthearted moment, Melania was handed a rosary, and Mrs. Trump held it in her palm as she presented the rosary to Pope Francis and had the pope bless the rosary.

Pope Francis bent his head down and waved the traditional sign of the cross above the rosary, in a standard blessing of the religious object used by many Catholics to pray certain prayers across each bead.

The fact that Pope Francis asked Melania if she feeds Mr. Trump "potica" or "potizza," which is a highly caloric type of dessert, was viewed as a dig toward the president's weight by some viewers of the video.
There's no confirmation yet on the designer of the leather suit that Melania donned for her visit to the hospital, but White House Wardrobe theorizes that it could potentially be a piece from Calvin Klein's CK Resort 2017 collection, since that collection contained leather pieces. Or, the fashion publication notes that Melania's suit could have been designed by or .

Melania Trump
[Image by Virginia Mayo/AP Images]

The below NBC News video shows Melania's suit in action, as Mr. and Mrs. Trump greeted President Macron of France in Brussels prior to the NATO summit.

Feedback about the clothing that Melania has chosen to wear recently is flowing into social media. Some of those comments about Mrs. Trump's attire can be read below.
"Melania Trump elegant in a white suit, arrived in Israel with President Trump."

"Melania reminds me of What's Love Got To Do With It when she was wearing a white pants suit & was fed up with Ike."

"Melania Trump greeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara in a white Michael Kors Collection suit."

"Melania Trump Slips Into an LBD After Rocking White Suit and Candy-Cane Heels in Israel. Such a beautiful classy lady a real First Lady!

"Melania is definitely influencing fashion. She looks stunning in everything! Her white belted suit worn in Israel was gorgeous too."

"You go ahead with ya bad self Melania! We see you in your suffragette white suit. Let us know when you need us to send in seal team 6 to rescue you from the orange tyrant. #MelaniaShutsItDown #MarriedLife#WifeySaysNo #ThirdWifeStillCantGetItRight #SomeoneIsInTheDogHouse"

"Listen. IS SLAYING IN THIS WHITE SKIRT SUIT. A rare instance of with this administration."

Additional photos of Melania can be viewed via the gallery of Getty Images.

[Featured Image by Virginia Mayo/AP Images]