UFO Sightings: Kansas Witness Reports Helicopter Chasing Ball Of Light

Kansas has always been a hot bed for UFO sightings, and earlier this month a resident from Lawrence reported seeing a military helicopter chasing an orange ball of light flying through the air at an altitude of nearly 1,000 feet, as reported by Open Minds TV.

The unnamed witness claimed he was watching television inside his apartment when he heard the sound of a helicopter outside at around 11:15 p.m., on May 4.

“It sounded very low and powerful, so I figured it had to be military, and I, being a total nerd, had to run out to the parking lot to get a look,” the witness said. “By the time I was out my door and in the parking lot, I had just enough time to watch a small, orange ball of light being chased by what I assume to be a Blackhawk helicopter (because of size and sound) disappear behind the rooftops of the buildings east of me.”

The witness said that it wasn’t the first time he saw a UFO in the skies of Lawrence.

“I saw something similar some months ago in the same general area – the skies south of Lawrence. I live on the south side of town, not far from Baker Wetlands,” he said.

While the witness wasn’t able to capture footage of the UFO sighting, he was able to describe in great detail what he saw that day.

“The light was small and orange in color and was about 50-100 yards ahead of the helicopter. It made no erratic movements, but was travelling at a fair clip as the helicopter was tracking it at almost the exact speed and it was moving pretty quickly.”

The witness said that the ball of light he saw couldn’t possibly be a sky lantern. He explained that while the light emitted by the alleged UFO was pretty similar to one, its distance ahead of the helicopter completely rules out that possibility. He also said that the ball of light was flying at a speed of about 100 knots, which a lantern couldn’t possibly pull off.


The Lawrence resident also claimed he has seen another alleged UFO in the same general area around the time he saw the military helicopter chasing the ball of light. He said it’s possible that it was an isolated incident.

“This object seemed to be an aircraft judging by the red and white lights it had on it, but it hovered in place for a moment until the lights slowly faded out with no apparent change in location. The direction I was looking toward would be about a straight line to KCI, so I wasn’t immediately suspicious, but – having seen plenty of air traffic heading to and from KCI on that flight path – this didn’t look like anything I’d seen before – and no landing lights. I mention this because it was odd and because the previous sighting of a few months earlier of the same kind of event had two helicopters chasing the light instead of just one. Maybe this was the second.”

It’s unfortunate that the witness wasn’t able to provide photos or footage that could serve as evidence for the alleged UFO sighting. But a year ago, another Kansas resident was able to provide compelling UFO footage– this time a glowing white shape-shifting object hovering above Earth.

On April 18, 2016, secureteam10, a popular YouTube channel being run by a team of UFO hunters, uploaded the video, entitled “MIND BENDING! Up Close Alien Craft Over Kansas Auto Store.

The video’s narrator Tyler Glockner said that he was “unnerved just watching the footage because I think we really have something here.”

“For the first time in a while we have something that is not just a blurry dot in the sky, we have a craft here that is maneuvering, it’s changing its shape.”

Other UFO enthusiasts commented on the video, with the majority of them seemingly convinced what they were seeing was the real deal.

“Honestly probably the best ufo footage I’ve seen.. plus I’m high so 10x better,” one YouTuber commented.

“Finally some LEGIT A** FOOTAGE!!!” exclaimed another YouTube user.

Another user, however, wrote that the alleged UFO could be just “another weather balloon.”

UFO incidents have been a regular occurrence throughout history and have been reported from many parts of the world. According to AOL, reports of UFO sightings have been rising since the 1980’s. Of course, some of these sightings have been proven to be hoaxes, and it bears noting that the increase in UFO reports may be attributed to our improved technology. After all, someone can easily mistake a drone for a UFO. Some, however, remain a mystery and unexplained even to this day.

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