‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Caleb Reynolds Hints He Could Return To ‘BB19’

It’s almost time for Big Brother 19. In just one month and four days, CBS’ hottest reality television show will return. Caleb Reynolds took to Twitter to imply that his reality TV show journey may not be over. Big Brother fans picked up on it and wondered if it was a clue that he would join the cast of BB19.

Will Caleb Return To Big Brother?

With only three weeks until CBS announces the cast of Big Brother, the fans of the show are getting anxious. They want to know who will be on the show so they can determine if the show will be worth watching. CBS has stayed mum about the cast, only revealing that it will be a “memorable” season.

Caleb Reynolds appeared on Big Brother 16. He affectionately called himself “Beast Mode Cowboy.” He made it to the final four when Cody Calafiore voted him out instead of Victoria Rafaeli.

Caleb Appeared on Survivor

The Big Brother 16 alum thought he would have better luck on Survivor and had the potential of winning the game. In Season 32, Caleb lasted nine days before suffering a heat stroke, which forced him out of the game.

Reynolds returned for Survivor: Game Changers and hoped to redeem himself. He was voted off on day nine, sending him home without a chance to win the game.


Now, the Big Brother fans are wondering if he will try his hand at BB19 since he came so close to winning three years ago. Read below for three fast facts about Caleb Reynolds and what he could bring to the game of Big Brother.

His Wife Is Pregnant

A year ago, Celeb married Ashley Jay in front of his family, friends, and fellow reality TV co-stars. Several months ago, he announced that they were pregnant and would welcome a baby to their growing family in December. Ashley posted to her Instagram account that their little one will arrive just before Christmas. Considering BB19 would end in late September, he could squeeze in the show before his baby’s birth. The baby will be Caleb’s first child and his wife’s second. She has a daughter named Kylie from a previous relationship.

He Got Heat For Making Racial Slurs

In 2014, Caleb was under fire after he called President Obama a “Muslim monkey,” as well as a few hurtful remarks about racism and homophobia. According to In Touch Weekly, his family quickly came to his defense insisting that Reynolds is a “good guy.”


“A racist man doesn’t fight next to a black man for this country,” Caleb’s brother said in his defense, TMZ reported.

Reynolds’ Relationship With God Is Important To Him

Caleb reads the Bible daily, revealing it helps keep him grounded and at peace. While in the Big Brother house, he read the scriptures daily and believed it gave him guidance and peace.

Reynolds revealed that he was raised to have high morals and standards and actually believed in waiting to have sex until married. He felt that he and his wife, Ashley, did everything right and cannot wait to welcome their child in the fall.

Caleb worked as an adventure hunting guide, which is why he believed that he would do well on Survivor. As it turns out, Big Brother was a much better fit for him.


Whether or not Caleb Renolds plans to return to Big Brother for the summer has not been confirmed. The BB19 fans have expressed their desire to see an all new cast with no returning players.

Big Brother 19 fans, do you think Caleb Reynolds will join the cast of BB19? Would you like to see him compete for the $500,000 grand prize this summer?


Big Brother 19 returns June 28, with a two-hour premiere on CBS.

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