Chelsea Houska Shares ‘Mom Fail’ Tweet To Remind Us She’s Human After All

Chelsea Houska DeBoer may be one of the Teen Moms who seems to have it all together, but she proved via Twitter that even she could make mistakes when parenting her daughter, Aubree, 7. With a newborn baby, a seven-year-old, and a TV crew currently filming Season 8 of Teen Mom 2, who can blame Chelsea for occasionally making mistakes.

So what did the Teen Mom 2 star do? Something that most moms have done once in their life by sleeping in and making Aubree late for school. Oops. Let’s hope Aubree wasn’t going for an attendance award this year.

“Starting this morning off with a mom fail. Totally slept through my alarm and Aubree is late for school. Is it summer vacation yet?!” she wrote.

While Chelsea Houska recently left her job at her local salon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be a mother full-time, every mom makes mistakes here and there. And hopefully, Aubree wasn’t too late for school and can enjoy sleeping in with her mother in the coming summer months.

The young mother of two is currently enjoying life with her three-month-old son, Watson, and her older daughter, Aubree. She loves it so much that she has actually expressed that she has baby fever, even with a new little one at home.

She recently revealed that she wouldn’t get pregnant again until she loses the rest of her baby weight, which is a major motivation for her to shed the extra pounds. She stated on social media that she has found a new love of exercise but has moved the elliptical into the living room so that she can get her workouts in without ever having to leave baby Watson’s side.

“How can I have baby fever WHILE IM HOLDING A THREE-MONTH-OLD?” she wrote.

Chelsea Houska has revealed that she and her husband, Cole DeBoer, are excited about expanding their family. Watson is Cole’s first child, while Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, is from her previous relationship with her ex, Adam Lind.

Those who watch Teen Mom 2 know that Chelsea Houska’s trials and tribulations with Aubree’s father have been many. A few months ago, he was taken to court after refusing to pay child support for Aubree, 7, and his other daughter, Paislee, 3, with his ex, Taylor Halbur. A source close to Lind stated that he had decided that the amount he was supposed to pay was “stupid” and that he shouldn’t have to do so. But it looks like the state of South Dakota didn’t agree with Lind, and he was ordered to cough up the money.

Additionally, Chelsea Houska’s ex, Adam Lind, recently tested positive for meth after she and his other ex, Halbur, grew suspicious of his behavior. While Lind was already only allowed supervised visits with Aubree, Chelsea admits that sometimes the rules were a little bit relaxed for him, and at times, he was left alone with Aubree. Since he has tested positive for drugs, she has ensured that he never is left alone with their daughter.

Due to the revelation that he tested positive for meth, Lind is no longer allowed to see his youngest daughter, Paislee, without supervision either.

According to sources, Adam Lind hasn’t been incredibly cooperative with Teen Mom 2 cameras during the current filming for Season 8. In the most recent season, he is seen letting producers wait for him and then leaving the set and refusing to show up for the Teen Mom 2Reunion Special. While he has threatened to quit many times, it may be possible that he’s finally left the show for good, especially in the wake of his baby mamas finding out about his extracurricular activities.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Houska DeBoer/Instagram]