Mama June Flaunts New Figure At The Premiere Of 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta'

Mama June, who recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery to shed 300lbs, stepped out at the premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta looking smoking hot. The mother of four looked better than ever as she wore a skintight red dress and posed next to her youngest daughter, Alana Thompson. Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, looks like she's happier than ever now that she's shed all of the extra weight and her ex, Sugar Bear.

This is the star's first red carpet since losing most of her body weight. Not only did the star lose the equivalent of two people off of her body, but she also had several surgeries to remove excess skin, which often occurs with severe weight loss. The star also had breast implants to help lift her cleavage, since she has had four kids.

The star has stated that at her heaviest, she weighed 460lbs, which she hit in the summer of 2015. She states that she now weighs in at a svelte 160lbs, and she finally was able to fit into her goal dress for her reality series, Mama June: From Not to Hot, which was meant to wow her ex, Sugar Bear, at his wedding to his new wife, Jennifer.

After losing the weight, it appears that Mama June has learned that red is her color. Not only was her goal dress red, but earlier this month, the star appeared in a red once piece bathing suit resembling the iconic Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch days. The stunning outfit she posed in for the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta premiere was also scarlet.

Mama June maintains that she paid for the surgery herself and would have done so whether the cameras were there or not. However, her estranged eldest daughter, Anna, said that her mother only did the surgery for attention and to get her career back on track after some of her previous scandals. Mama June refuted these claims on Wendy Williams, saying that she cannot please her daughter, Anna, unless she's giving her money.

The reality star also paid $10,000 to have her teeth done to give herself a million dollar smile, and that's something she hasn't been able to put a price on.

Her daughter, Alana Thompson, who brought the family to reality TV show fame with her appearance on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, says that the family has overhauled the way that they eat and that Mama June mostly sticks to healthy foods now, with some unhealthy things here and there. Mama June, whose daughters Alana and Pumpkin are both overweight, says that she hopes to help the pair of them also get in shape and get healthy and hopes that she will be the ultimate example for them.

Mama June has stated that she wants her daughter, Alana, to star in her own weight loss reality TV program in order to get healthy herself and to inspire other children to live a healthier life.

An insider revealed some of Mama June's plans for making the rest of the family healthy.

"June is in talks with the network for a follow-up show that will feature the rest of her family embracing a healthier lifestyle. Now that June is firmly committed to eating a healthy, balanced diet herself, she's keen to get her kids on board. It helps that it would make for a great TV show too!"
The reality star has likely had to work pretty hard to keep the weight off, as even with gastric bypass surgery, it is easy to gain some of the weight back if the person doesn't work at it.

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