‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Easton Leaving ‘GH’ For ‘Days Of Our Lives’? Hayden Faces Solo Pregnancy

General Hospital spoilers from a credible source leaked that Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) may not be around to see the birth of his child with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) if the actor has his way. There are already GH spoilers that predict Hayden’s struggle with Blackwood’s syndrome will affect her unborn child, and now it seems that her baby daddy might be bailing on her soon. A related rumor teases that Michael Easton might be looking to go back to Days of Our Lives to revive Tanner Scofield.

Daytime Confidential Does It Again

There are some General Hospital rumors making the rounds that two actors are leaving GH – one in the summer and one in the fall. The rumor spun from a Twitter account that doesn’t have a solid track record for accuracy. However, Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens is known for producing solid scoops. He leaked Ron Carlivati’s firing, Mal Young’s hiring, and Roger Howarth’s dodgy contract status.

This time, Jamey leaked, on the most recent Daytime Confidential podcast, that although Roger Howarth is staying at GH, “there is another one, though, another big get that might be on the way out.”

He then added, “I ain’t gonna tell you who.”

Despite Jamey playing sly on the podcast, he later interacted with fans on Twitter and dropped a huge clue that indicates it’s Michael Easton who wants to go.

Jamey Giddens Confirms Roger Howarth Staying

Jamey discussed his General Hospital spoilers about Franco Baldwin portrayer Roger Howarth’s renewal, saying that it was fan outcry that saved the actor and won him a new contract.

Jamey said, “It came down to the wire. He [Roger Howarth] was about to get up and go.”

Jamey also joked that he needed a cut of the profits when fan favorites renew after he calls attention to the contract crisis.

Jamey said he alerts the fans to “fight for your girl or boy” and said because of this, “Frank [Valentini] gets put over the barrel.”

Giddens Hints That Michael Easton Wants to Go

Since the General Hospital spoilers announcement on the May 22 episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast titled “Belle Watling and Dynasty,” fans have been blowing up Jamey Giddens on Twitter for more information about his leak of a big actor exiting. Many fans speculated on who the “big get” could be that Jamey spoke of on the show.

When some guessed Billy Miller (aka Jason Morgan), Jamey tweeted, “It isn’t Billy.”

Tons of guesses streamed in, but no one had figured out the General Hospital spoiler Jamey offered, so he told fans, “No one has guessed it.”

Finally, as a clue, Jamey tweeted an animated GIF of Homer Simpson using IV drugs as a clear sign, without saying Michael Easton’s name, that it’s the Hamilton Finn actor that wants to leave GH.

According to Jamey, this actor “wants to ghost,” as in leave and not come back.

It’s an interesting revelation since it was fan outcry that brought Michael Easton back to GH a little over a year ago and now he’s the one that wants to go.


Easton Leaving Great Baby Storyline

Michael Easton’s Hamilton Finn has had many great storylines since coming back to General Hospital in early 2016. He had the Blackwood syndrome, lizard Roxie, Zekenestrol addiction, and now the Hayden pregnancy storyline. General Hospital spoilers from early soap magazine leaks hint that problems from Hayden’s recent past will bring trouble to this pregnancy.

With Hayden and Finn’s history of Blackwood’s syndrome, there is speculation that her pregnancy would be troubled. General Hospital history also shows us that both took Zekenestrol while Finn developed the cure and that drug use could impact the baby. Other fresh GH spoilers say Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) steps up to support Hayden, and that could set Ms. Barnes story up as a single mom.

Why Would Easton Leave GH?

There was fan outrage after Ron Carlivati wrote a shocking death for Easton’s former GH character, Silas Clay. The Jelly writing regime resurrected him as Dr. Hamilton Finn, and now the new writers are rumored to be at risk due to low ratings. Ironically, a new General Hospital rumor says it might be Ron Carlivati who is luring Easton away from the ABC soap even though he killed off his GH character.

With Days of Our Lives ratings at historic lows, soap fans know DOOL is on the cancellation bubble. Even the announcement that Carlivati snagged Easton could be enough to boost ratings to buy Days more time. Plus, Ron Carlivati is known for recruiting from other soaps. He scooped up both Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller from The Young and the Restless for GH and triggered a huge ratings boost. Ron might be at it again with Easton to try and save DOOL.

Finn Leaving, Hayden Alone, Tanner Back to Days?

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source were critical of the Hayden and Finn baby surprise, so maybe Easton also finds this unexpected pregnancy story too much, and that’s why he wants out at GH. There are signs that the Days of Our Lives team is going all out to save the sole NBC soap. Chandler Massey is coming back from the dead as Will Horton even though he was a necktie killer victim.

Given that improbable resurrection (and Ron Carlivati does love resurrections), it’s not a stretch to bring back Michael Easton as Tanner Scofield to Salem since last we saw Tanner, he was alive and well. The General Hospital spoiler that Michael Easton wants to leave GH is from a solid source, but the Days of Our Lives return as Tanner is very much speculative. We’ll see what happens with Michael Easton soon enough as more General Hospital spoilers emerge.

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