‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fayden Pregnancy Complications – Drugs And Disease Put Hayden Baby At Risk?

General Hospital spoilers tease drama coming for Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) regarding her recently announced pregnancy. Last week, after Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) revealed Hayden’s pregnancy, she and Finn sat down to do the math on when they could have conceived, and the timing is everything. Is the Fayden baby at risk of serious complications?

It’s Been A Minute Since Fayden Made Love

General Hospital fans know that for a soap opera, there’s been little to no romance on the ABC show lately. Hayden and Finn talked about the last time they were intimate, and both agreed it’s been a while. Fayden settled between them that it’s been about two months since they last made love, but if you’re a regular GH watcher, you know it’s been longer than that. Finn has been fighting addiction for months.

The last time Hayden and Finn could reasonably have slept together, according to recent General Hospital history, is back in February. That’s when Finn’s drug use blew up, and he stole Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) ELQ jet for a drug buying trip and was busted by Hayden and Tracy for using. GH writers are tinkering with the timeline (as usual) but clearly, Hayden is a couple of months along in the pregnancy.

Possible Complications From Disease And Drugs

Although both Hayden and Finn were free of Blackwood syndrome by the time of the baby’s conception, General Hospital loves a good medical crisis. That means the baby could be at risk from residual illness in either Hayden or Finn’s cells, blood, or DNA. Alternately, the treatment to cure the deadly Blackwood illness could pose a medical risk to the baby Hayden now carries.

There’s also the secondary issue of Finn’s drug use – and Hayden’s. Both Hayden and Finn used Zekenestrol while suffering from Blackwood, and he kept going after that. General Hospital history showed us Finn sacrificed the last of his stash to keep Hayden alive while he raced to develop a cure for the illness killing them both. Finn’s addiction increased in the aftermath of curing her, so he was a serious addict when they conceived the child.

Will Hayden Keep The Baby Or Choose To Terminate?

General Hospital history shows us that abortion is a rarely used plot device, but we saw it in the past on the ABC soap. Most notably, Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) terminated a pregnancy when she and baby daddy Dillon Quartermaine (Robert Palmer Watkins) were teens. The Quartermaines sued to stop Lulu, but she went through with it although she later had regrets.

GH co-head writer Jean Passanante is a passionate supporter of Planned Parenthood and tweets often about the organization and has done so for years. As a result, the writers could be pushing for an abortion storyline to have characters discuss Planned Parenthood in the same way General Hospital has done in the past with the Shriners Hospitals for Children. GH does dabble in social issues, and it’s been a while since they have, so this could be coming.

Michael Easton as Dr. Finn on ‘GH.’ [Image by Todd Williamson/AP Images]

Could The Fayden Baby Have Special Needs?

If the disease or drugs do affect the Fayden baby, perhaps a more intriguing storyline would be for their baby to face complications but Finn and Hayden choose to keep their baby despite the risks. General Hospital dabbled in special needs children with Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) brother, Danny McCall. It would certainly be groundbreaking for GH to introduce a special needs baby into the character cast.

It might be a challenge long-term, but General Hospital needs something positive going for it. Lately, it’s been mob violence, Cassadine violence, evil twins, and almost zero romance. Also, it’s been a long time since GH tapped an important social issue as they did in the past with breast cancer and HIV/AIDS. They touched on it with Anna’s rare cancer, but that was back-burnered right away. There is nothing confirmed yet about the Fayden pregnancy outlook and what comes next, but there is potential there for a gripping plot twist.


Hayden Chases Answers This Week On General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal Hayden lays a trap this week to catch Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) red-handed now that they know someone falsified Finn’s drug tests. It was clever for Griffin to use Hayden’s urine since it also exposed the pregnancy, but now they must tie the tampered tests to Brad to nail him. That’s coming later this week, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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