World War 3: Donald Trump Orders Nuclear Submarines To North Korea, Says Kim Jong-Un ‘Could Be Crazy’

Those fearful of World War 3 breaking out will be interested to know that Donald Trump has ordered two nuclear submarines to be deployed to North Korea, where they will sit just off the Korean peninsula. President Trump confided this to Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, during a phone call on April 29, as the Express report.

Donald Trump told Duterte that even though the United States has a lot of firepower around North Korea currently, it is not his wish to use these, as Newsweek asserted.

“We have a lot of firepower over there. We have two submarines—the best in the world—we have two nuclear submarines—not that we want to use them at all.”

However, with North Korea relentlessly testing missiles and working on building up their nuclear program, President Trump is erring on the side of caution in order to try and avoid something that could conceivably build up and turn into World War 3. Donald Trump also called Kim Jong-un a madman and explained to Rodrigo Duterte that despite all of the weapons North Korea purport to have and to continue building, America still has more and won’t hesitate to use them if needed.

In World War 3 news, Donald Trump told Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte he had sent two nuclear submarines to North Korea. [Image by Pool/Getty Images]

“We can’t let a madman with nuclear weapons let on the loose like that. We have a lot of firepower, more than he has times 20, but we don’t want to use it.”

There has been plenty of talk about World War 3 occurring due to conflict with North Korea, and there have been questions as to how sane Kim Jong-un really is. While Donald Trump has suggested that Kim Jong-un could conceivably end up being a madman, he continued on that train of thought when he also told the President of the Philippines that the North Korean leader could very well be crazy.

“I’ve never seen anything like they are, but we don’t have to use this, but he could be crazy, so we will see what happens.”

The conversation between Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, in which the president explained that nuclear submarines would be sent toward North Korea, was turned into a transcript that was put into circulation by the American segment of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.

With Trump clearly wanting to avoid World War 3 or any kind of serious conflict with North Korea, a senior administration official in Washington stated that the transcript between Trump and Duterte was indeed true and accurate, but the administration official has asked to remain anonymous.

Donald Trump has already warned previously that a “major, major conflict” with North Korea is always a possibility thanks to their nuclear program and missile tests, although Trump stopped short of saying that North Korea could bring about World War 3 if there was an extremely serious conflict with them.

An anti-North Korea rally held on June 24, 2013, in Seoul, South Korea. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun /Getty Images]

Pyongyang recently claimed that there had been a great success with an intermediate-range ballistic missile test and have publicly declared that they will now attempt to mass-produce these ballistic missiles. However, officials from the United States have not confirmed that North Korea’s claims are, in fact, accurate.

The President of the Philippines, like Trump and much of the world, also appears to doubt Kim Jong-un’s sanity and proclaimed that his mind isn’t working terribly well.

“Kim is playing with his bombs, his toys, and from the looks of it, his mind is not working well and might just go crazy one moment. China should make a last-ditch effort to tell him to lay off. China will play a very important role there.”

Do you think if North Korea isn’t stopped, World War 3 is inevitable? Do you believe Kim Jong-un is crazy or sane?

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