Disturbing Video Shows Florida Teacher Exchanging Candies For Unwanted Kisses From 10-Year-Old Students

A new video from Florida has been released to the public and it shows the disturbing antics of a school teacher Brian Kornbluth.

The 28-year-old teacher reportedly lures his students in and offers his students in Somerset Academy treats and then kisses them unexpectedly, according to CBS12.

The footage shows the teacher sitting on his desk, with no other student than the one in the classroom. Kornbluth seemed to be talking to the student then the student approached him and “puts an arm around his neck and kisses him.”

This incident happened back in February before the school started, according to a police statement released last Feb. 16.

“Kornbluth briefly kissed the student on the lips.”

According to Daily Mail, Kornbluth has been asking his students to trade kisses with gummy bears. The incident caught on camera is not the first time Kornbluth tricked his students into kissing him.

Moreover, another teacher from the school said that he was making “unusual requests” to get students into his class. The principal of the school was alerted.

Somerset Academy already has cameras in place, but they focused the camera on Kornbluth’s classroom to face towards his desk. That was the time they finally caught these disturbing videos of the teacher abusing the kids.

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The teachers in the school added that Kornbluth’s actions were already suspicious. The police said Kornbluth has also abused the boy (featured in the video) before. In the other reported incident, the boy was with his sister and they both were requested to see Kornbluth. In the same tactic, Kornbluth bribed the students into kissing him on the lips. When the teacher spoke with the authorities, he said that he admits to kissing the boy and giving them gummy bears but not the girl.

Last week, Kornbluth had been arrested and he pleaded guilty to a charge of battery in the case. He was sentenced to a year of probation and was required to undergo mental health evaluation. He was also required to stay away from the student on the video and fired from the school. Though charged guilty, the light sentence means this record could get expunged after his probation.

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As for the Boca Raton police, they feel a great responsibility to release the video and warn parents and schools alike of Brian Kornbluth.

“Understandably, many folks have been asking about why we released a video in the ‘teacher-student kissing case.’ The short answer is because the media asked for it and we have to release it,” Chief Dan Alexander said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“So, the video didn’t simply “surface.” We didn’t just put it out there to spice up your Tuesday. Some folks in the media think it is important for you to see it, so we follow the law to the best of our ability. Please direct your feedback to the appropriate media outlets. Thank you.”

Brian Kornbluth will still be able to teach at other schools. He was only restricted to continue teaching at Somerset Academy.

According to Kornbluth’s lawyer, Atty. Kristine Rosendahl, he is currently laying low and not teaching. However, Kornbluth still plans to continue his career as an educator, most likely, at a different school. However, there is no mention if he will continue in Florida or if he plans to move to a different state. Rosendahl added that Kornbluth has the right to continue teaching even if he is still on probation.

There was only one case filed against Kornbluth. Though it has been reported that he usually targets boys in his classes, it is still possible that other abused kids or their parents did not decide to battle Kornbluth in court.


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