New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers Show Off Spider Suit And Michael Keaton’s Vulture

Every time we get something new about Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems to up the possibility that this movie could be the best Spider-Man film in decades. Two new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers have dropped and both show off great new wrinkles in Spidey’s latest film outing.

IGN revealed that Sony Pictures had busted out two new posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming, one domestic and one international. Sony would release the new trailers alongside the posters shortly after on various YouTube channels. The trailers are rich with new content for the much anticipated movie.

The domestic trailer focuses heavily on Tom Holland and Spider-Man – Particularly the various acrobatics of Homecoming‘s friendly neighborhood spider and the various gadgets implemented in his suit by Tony Stark, played once again by Robert Downey Jr. The film also explores a little more of the dynamic between Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, with Parker’s friends and Stark himself.

For its part, the trailer is flashy and has a lot of the upbeat nature that has always been a big draw for the Spider-Man character. There’s plenty of Stark Industry gadgets flying around, spider webs being thrown about, and criminals being lightheartedly pummeled into submission.

Interestingly enough, we also finally received a short glimpse of Donald Glover in the film. Mysteries and rumors have run abound as to what capacity Glover is contributing to the film, given his interest in portraying the alternate Spider-Man alter ego, Miles Morales. The trailer doesn’t answer any questions about what Donald is doing there outside of being one of Parker’s school friends, but it’s still noteworthy to see him finally make an appearance.

The domestic poster for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' is chock full of characters and action, including Tom Holland's Peter Parker, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, and Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes.
The domestic poster for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is chock full of characters and action, including Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, and Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes. [Image by Sony Pictures]

The international trailer presents an interesting opposite angle to what we’ve seen of Spider-Man: Homecoming so far. Where the domestic trailer gives only a little bit of screen time to The Vulture, the International trailer is almost entirely centered around Michael Keaton’s nefarious Adrian Toomes.

The international trailer supplies us with info as to how the Vulture operates, where his tech came from, and why Stark Industries and Spider-Man are a thorn in his side. We get to see glimpses of what Keaton’s Vulture is capable of and how dangerous he intends to be to Stark and Spider-Man. Furthermore, we get a look at the criminal empire he’s building on the backs of the Avengers’ success and failures.

We already knew that Spider-Man: Homecoming would be heavily tied to Captain America: Civil War, if just by Spidey’s appearance in that film and the ongoing relationship between Parker and Stark that trails into Homecoming, but it’s certainly different to see that this interpretation of the Vulture is heavily linked to the Avengers as well. Sony may still have their name on the licenses to Spider-Man, but it’s noteworthy to see them not just giving Marvel the reins, but letting them bank so heavily on the characters they’ve already established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Much like the international trailer for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', the international poster puts the focus on Spidey and the Vulture.
Much like the international trailer for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, the international poster puts the focus on Spidey and the Vulture. [Image by Sony Pictures]

The pieces are coming together rather nicely for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Between so many solid trailers and media releases, the film has built up buzz not unlike when Tobey Maguire first started portraying the web slinger in 2002. The charm, upbeat nature, and colorful acrobatics seem to be there and the connections to previous Marvel films are abundant and interesting. We’ve yet to see any thing relating to the darker side of Peter Parker’s backstory in this latest reboot, but maybe it’s unnecessary this time around. What we do appear to be getting, if these two new trailers are to be believed, is a solid mix of action and new storytelling when Spider-Man: Homecoming premieres on July 7, 2017 in the United States.

[Featured Image by Sony Pictures]