Gwen Stefani Builds Up Blake Shelton’s Ego

Blake Shelton may feel like a “loser” following Alicia Keys’ team member Chris Blue’s victory on The Voice Season 12, but his girlfriend Gwen Stefani won’t let him be sucked into depression.

The two have been dating for only nearly two years, but Gwen Stefani has changed Blake Shelton a lot already.

After the winner of The Voice was announced on Tuesday night, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton shared the cutest interaction ever while heading backstage.

Gwen Stefani documented the whole thing on Instagram. On the video, the former No Doubt frontwoman asks Blake Shelton about what he feels like, and the country star solemnly replies, “a loser.”

But then Gwen Stefani manages to cheer her boyfriend up and he abruptly goes from feeling depressed and down in the dumps to feeling like “a winner.”

“I take it back, I feel like a winner.”

As Blake Shelton is seen grinning even despite his team member losing to Alicia Keys’ Chris Blue on The Voice Season 12, it’s all thanks to his lucky charm, Gwen Stefani.

Not only is Gwen Stefani the perfect girlfriend because she cheers Blake Shelton up in case of setbacks, but also because she boosts Shelton’s ego. And he certainly needed that boost, as Shelton has previously suggested that Stefani needs professional help for dating a guy like him.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight ahead of the Tuesday night finale of The Voice, Blake Shelton gushed about his girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton gushed that it’s “unbelievable” just “being in the vicinity of her,” and opened up that Gwen Stefani builds up his ego.

Blake Shelton, who won the Top Country Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday and most importantly won a congratulatory kiss from his adorable girlfriend, revealed that it builds up his ego every time he walks into a room with Gwen Stefani.

However, every coin has a flipside, and Blake Shelton says that it can also be a “crashing blow” to his ego to hear all those people cheering Gwen Stefani, not him.

“You realize it’s not you, it’s her! But it’s still exciting at the same time.”

Nonetheless, Blake Shelton can’t seem to get enough of his girlfriend. Aside from gushing over Gwen Stefani in multiple interviews since they started dating in 2015, the country star also never shies away from mentioning his significant one while accepting awards.

This was the case at the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday, when Blake Shelton took the stage and called himself “the luckiest guy in the room” while accepting the Top Country Artist Award.

But he was “the luckiest guy” not because he won the coveted award, but because Gwen Stefani was there with him, Blake Shelton said.

And considering that Blake Shelton implied that he’s even luckier than Drake – with all his record-breaking 13 awards that night – “the luckiest guy in the room” is a pretty big compliment to Gwen Stefani.

It’s not the first time Blake Shelton has expressed his amazement – and somewhat disbelief – about dating Gwen Stefani. Just last month, Blake Shelton said during his appearance on the Today show that he doesn’t “blame” people for wondering why Stefani would date a guy like him.

“In people’s defense, I think it’s so hard for people to wrap their head around why Gwen would want to be with me. I don’t blame ’em.”

But that hasn’t been the first time Blake Shelton jokingly hinted that he doesn’t deserve to be Gwen Stefani’s main man.

In his August 2016 interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the country star jokingly said that “maybe she needs help” or maybe Gwen Stefani has “vision problems” if she’s dating him, according to Us Weekly.

The two had been dating for nearly a year by the time the interview aired. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are slowly approaching their two-years-together milestone, as the lovebirds hit it off in November 2015.

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