Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Hasn’t Seen Fiance Since Proposal: Is There Trouble In Paradise?

Rachel Lindsay of The Bachelorette has found love, but it turns out that she hasn’t even had a chance to see her new fiance since he proposed to her on the show. Us Weekly shared the details about what Rachel revealed while on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The fact that she hasn’t seen her fiance had some fans wondering if there was trouble in paradise already, but it turns out that is not the case. Rachel and the man she picks are still together and doing well.

Rachel Lindsay actually just finished filming her season of The Bachelorette just 10 days ago. She shared saying, “At the proposal — during that time. We had a couple of days together, and then we went our separate ways.” Jimmy Kimmel teased her saying, “You haven’t had a chance to reconnect and then break up and then be on the cover of Us Weekly or any of those things yet?” Lindsay replied, “I don’t plan on a breakup.” She seems sure that her relationship is going to last. Rachel won’t be able to be out with her man in public until The Bachelorette is done airing, but they will be able to meet up in private a few times between now and then. The show actually helps them to set up these dates.

When it comes to trying to find love, this is Rachel Lindsay’s second chance to do it on reality television. She made it pretty far on Nick Viall’s season, but then he picked Vanessa Grimaldi instead. These two are still together and going strong. Nick was on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and they have been living in L.A. together since the show finished airing.


Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell recently called it quits, and now Rachel Lindsay is speaking out and saying that she doesn’t see her relationship ending the same way. Hollywood Life shared what Rachel had to say about how her relationship is going to last. She has a very positive attitude about it all.

“Not really. I know Ben [Higgins] and Lauren [Bushnell] recently broke up, and I think that’s really unfortunate, but I don’t really compare myself to them because I’m not them. I’m different and my fiancé is different and we’re going to have a different relationship. I think we’ll be great!”

Another thing that Rachel Lindsay talked about is whether she will do a television wedding or not. She said, “I’m open to anything. I’m not really thinking about the wedding, [though]. I’m trying to make the engagement work first. I’m just looking forward to being public with my fiancé and us getting to cultivate the relationship together. I am very much so in love and very much so engaged.” Rachel hasn’t been shy about confirming that she is engaged. ABC normally likes to do a television wedding for winners of the show, but they also want them to do it before the fans lose interest in this couple for ratings.


The first episode of Rachel Lindsay’s season is the only one to air so far. She met 31 different guys on the premiere and ended up sending eight of them home. It is going to take a few weeks before you can see who Rachel seems to be falling for, but spoilers have already been shared by the Inquisitr about who she picks in the end if you want to know.

Are you surprised to hear that Rachel Lindsay hasn’t had a chance to see her fiance since they filmed the finale? Do you think that she has found a love that will last? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC.

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