‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Who Rachel Lindsay Picks [Updated]

Rachel Lindsay just finished filming her season of The Bachelorette and spoilers are already coming out. Reality Steve was able to figure out who Rachel picks this season. Fans know that Reality Steve is right most of the time. He went to his blog this morning to share who Rachel picks and a few other spoilers about this upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Rachel Lindsay will start talking to the media today and sharing a few spoilers about her season, but you know she won’t reveal who she chooses or if she ends up engaged. Luckily, Reality Steve was able to get those spoilers for us.

Rachel Lindsay is engaged! She found love this time around on The Bachelorette unlike when she was on Nick Viall’s season. It turns out that she picks Peter Kraus in the end and they are engaged now. It was already revealed that her final four were Dean Unglert, Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger, and Bryan Abasolo. Dean goes home at final four leaving her with Peter, Eric, and Bryan to choose from in the end. Peter is not to be confused with the famous actor with the same name, he isn’t the same person. A lot of fans have already been asking this question.

Rachel and Peter were in Spain for the final rose ceremony. They were actually engaged back on May 11, but Steve just now announced who she picked in the end. Fans are excited to get to see Rachel and Peter’s love story play out on television. It is almost time for the new season of The Bachelorette. It will start airing in less than a week.

Wet Paint shared details about Peter Kraus. He is a personal trainer and model, but it turns out that there is a lot more to Peter than just that and he seems like a great guy. He has actually started his own company Worth Personal Training and is from Wisconsin. He has lived in both Chicago and LA. With owning his own company, Peter might not love the idea of moving, but Rachel and Peter will have to make a decision about where they want to live once the show is done filming and they can be together.

Peter Kraus also has a degree as a dietician from Madison Area Technical College. He has done a lot of modeling work, and most of this was while he was living in LA. This guy is the full package.

Rachel Lindsay will pick Peter Kraus as the first one on one date of the season, and it sounds like things go great for them. They have a date on his birthday on the show where they go to La Quinta Resort for dinner and a fireworks show. With making it clear to the end, you know that Rachel and Peter are going to be seen a lot together on this season of the show.


She went on Nick Viall’s season and tried to find love with him, but it just didn’t work out in the end for them. Nick ended up with Vanessa Grimaldi and they are still together. Now, Rachel Lindsay is getting her chance at love and the fans can’t wait to see if it lasts for her or not.


Are you happy to hear that Rachel Lindsay has found love on The Bachelorette? Do you think that things with Peter and Rachel will last? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay when it starts airing on Monday, May 22 on ABC. You won’t want to miss new episodes every Monday night where Rachel tries to find love.

Update: Huge update! Reality Steve went to his blog and shared that he was wrong. It turns out that she is with someone totally different. It turns out that now Steve says Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo. He is not sharing many details yet. He says that Peter is the last guy along with Bryan.

[Featured Image by Rachel Lindsay/Instagram]