'Little People Big World' Exclusive: What Was The Real Reason Jacob Roloff Left The Show?

It's been two years since last we saw Jacob Roloff on Little People Big World. After he quit the show, most of his appearances have been limited to a series of YouTube videos. And while that may seem like a downgrade from his time on the hit TLC reality show, starring a group of dwarfs and the lives they lead in a world meant for normal-sized people, he actually couldn't be happier with the way things turned out for him.

The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that the former Little People Big World star recently issued a statement about the reason why he left the show, and he couldn't be happier about his decision.

"I saw a comment on something and somebody was asking why I don't just do a show since I'm filming myself right now," the 20-year-old said over the weekend. "There's two ways to do the filming thing - one way is through the show, maybe and the other way is through myself and vlogs. It's just more free doing it myself, I can do anything, I can say anything, I can talk about anything. I can show whatever I want." Indeed, this was the major complain Roloff issued back when he quit Little People, Big World."
Meanwhile, current Little People Big World stars Zack and Tori Roloff have been in the news because of the fact that they just had a newborn son, Jackson.

And, according to People Magazine, little Jackson has all the things a child could want in his new, mountain themed nursery.

"In a clip from their vlog, "Z and T Party of Three!," the couple gives a tour of the sweet space, which sports an outdoorsy theme complete with mountain pillows, a plane mobile that's Tori's "favorite thing in the entire bedroom," and a work of wall art that the new mom created herself. "The cool thing about this, we have this mural that I painted with painters tape," she says. "It's actually really easy. Everyone thinks its really complicated but it's not."
You can check out a photo from the nursery below.The majority of people gave little Jackson a gift of books instead of baby cards, but Zach's twin brother, Jeremy, gave his new nephew a pretty sweet gift, too: a sheet that reads "I am a child of God." Let's hope Zach returns the favor when Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, have the child that they're expecting!Further, according to Rare, the Little People Big World stars didn't spend a small fortune on their nursery, even though it looks like a million bucks.

Tori Roloff said that the most expensive thing in the room was the mobile, which she got from Restoration Hardware. She said that the reason it was more expensive than the rest of the things in the room was because she was looking for something extremely specific.

"Tori's favorite part of the room is the airplane mobile, which she says she found at Restoration Hardware. "It was actually one of the cheaper ones I found because I really wanted old prop planes," Tori wrote on Instagram. The room also has a few elements the Roloffs consider sentimental. A particular object of note is a stuffed animal dog in the corner put in the room in memory of the couple's late pup Sully, who 'is always with us,' Tori says."
Fans of the show, now it's your turn: what do you think of this latest round of Little People Big World rumors? Do you think that Jacob made the right decision to leave the show?

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