The Internet Couldn't Handle Celine Dion's Latest Performance Of 'My Heart Will Go On' [Video]

Celine Dion blew away the audience at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on May 21 with an incredible performance of "My Heart Will Go On," and it's safe to say the internet couldn't seem to handle Celine's incredible appearance at the show.

While Celine took to the stage at the music award show to perform the mega-hit in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its initial release back in 1997, celebrities and fans alike flocked to social media to praise the superstar on her incredible performance.

Both attendees at the music award show and those watching from home were also left in awe of Celine's latest "My Heart Will Go On" performance, with many awestruck watchers -- including celebrities -- gushing over Dion across social media.

Katy Perry was one of the first to praise Celine on the stunning performance, tweeting, "OMG @celinedion I [have] always lived for you PLS BEAT YOUR CHEST AT THE END OF THIS [PERFORMANCE] #BBMAs."

"We don't deserve Celine. We never truly have," R. Eric Thomas wrote on the social media site of Dion.

Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross added, "Dion is simply amazing. What a performance #MyHeartWillGoOn #bbma."

Internet personality Chris Crocker also threw in his two cents after seeing Celine take to the stage, as he wrote online, "Celine Dion has the power to bring the people together in a way most singers simply can't," after seeing her take on "My Heart Will Go On."

"[You are] iconic," Real co-host Jeannie Mai added.

Blogger Perez Hilton tweeted, "Iconic song. One of the greatest voices ever!!!"

Former Glee and Scream Queens star Lea Michele also had an emotional reaction to Dion's performance, posting a number of images of herself and Celine backstage at the BBMAs after Michele had the honor of introducing the legendary performer to the stage.

"I love her so much!!! @celinedion @BBMAs," Michele captioned one photo of herself and Dion holding hands backstage at the show.

The singer and actress then uploaded another image that showed her wiping away a tear as the two posed for photographs.

Drake – who went home the big winner on the night with 13 awards – also appeared to be a big fan of Celine's performance, as Dion fan site Celine Dion Italy posted a snap of the rapper bowing to the legendary vocalist backstage at the show.

The Internet Couldn't Handle Celine Dion's BBMAs Performance Of 'My Heart Will Go On'
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Prior to her performance garnering high praise from her peers in the music world and beyond, Celine told Billboard that she was "honored" and "thrilled" to have been asked to perform the iconic song from the Titanic soundtrack 20 years after it was initially released.

"It's an honor. My husband [the late Rene Anglil] always told me that I wanted to have a career as long as I sing my whole life. 20 years later, I'm at the Billboard Awards," Dion told the outlet ahead of her performance.

"To be here, it's still emotional, because I can still feel and see what happened last year," Dion continued, referring to her emotional rendition of "The Show Must Go On" which she performed at the award show back in 2016 while being bestowed the Icon Award from her son Rene-Charles Angelil mere months after her husband's sad death.

Celebrities can't stop gushing over Celine Dion's BBMAs performance
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"Singing 'My Heart Will Go On,' such a classic," Celine continued ahead of the BBMAs performance that has everybody talking. "We just celebrated Beauty and the Beast, they re-did the movie. It's so beautiful -- and now, 'My Heart Will Go On,' I can't ask for better."

"I'm more than thrilled, I'm ecstatic and very honored to be here," Dion added. "Sunday, it will be the night."

What did you think of Celine Dion's breath-taking performance of "My Heart Will Go On" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards?

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